Biobibliographical ()verlarge Clarion

Biobibliographical ()verlarge Clarion
Price: $10
Shipping Options:: $0 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Monday, Apr 30 to Thursday, May 03) + transit
Condition: Seriously crappy


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YASSSSS!!! I’m in!


Got a BoC, thanks Woot!

Nope! :frowning:

Jesus, it popped into existence sold out.

I need a faster pipe…

Victory is mine and crrrapp be thine name!

Phooey :frowning:

I did it! Finally!

:frowning: still missed it when I clicked on the tweet link it was just 2 seconds old lol

Wow, was sold out even before F5’ing could load the page.

By the time I could pull it up online, it was already sold out.

Still in the vestibule of patience on my phone.

Looks like no BOC for me!

It’s not the size of your pipe, it’s how well you use it.

died in the VoP (as usual)

For me too. I was signing in thinking “It looks like we’re due for a BOC,” and when I got back to the Sellout page, it was up with the button greyed-out. I cry.


Same here, two times in a row.

Wow, that one was fast. Sold out while F5’ing. No crap for me.

So Fast! Can’t even click to buy it. I haven’t done a Woot Off in years…are people using 3rd party apps or sites to “snipe” next items in line these days? Am I missing something that would even the shopping field for me?