BioBidet Aura A7 Intelligent Bidet Toilet Seat

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BioBidet Aura A7 Intelligent Bidet Toilet Seat
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Based on the first picture, it would seem the user is more likely to take a shower than get a spritz in the pitz.

Why is this in … lol :slight_smile: ok ok

Is this tank-less or tank-ed?

It’s a toilet seat.

Is this model electric or gas powered?

Is it able to achieve 350psi and >273* Kelvin, or is it one of those awful Bulgarian models with a spline drive transmission and a manual clutch?

Will the Woot Minions give me a back rub, nibble on my ear, and offer positive words of affirmation if this product does not drive all of the gremlins out of my humble village?

Or…are we talking about a bidet here, and we’ll all just settle for a clean(er) waste effluent orifice of our actual, even if not preferred, biological sex?

**Author disclaims any liability due to flaying, disembowelment, electrocution, orgasm, disembodiment, discombobulation, or any other non-preferable combination of the above symptoms, caused by the use, purchase, viewing, or even momentary consideration of this product. E pluribus unum, Duis vitae horroris si alter plus cogitare, please enjoy your clean(er) waste effluent orifice responsibly, or else have a mint first.