BioBidet BB-70 Non-Electric Bidet Seat Attachment

BioBidet BB-70 Non-Electric Bidet Seat Attachment

I bought one of these back in June, I think, and I love it. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles the more expensive ones do but it does what it needs to do. It feels weird and uncivilized to use toilets without bidets now.


I was waiting for this to return since the price and reviews are so excellent.

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I had one installed when I redid my bathroom. It does the job. The price is good

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Ok, you talked me into it! Bought one for each bathroom. My dad and sister have one and like it. We’ll see how the hubby and kids react!

Everyone should have one of these on every toilet. Especially at this price.

How do people deal with the chill of cold water spraying their bum ? I am still wary of any bidet without any sort of warming capability.

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Most people who like these say that it’s “refreshing.”

I have a handheld bidet sprayer (like a sink sprayer) that is attached to a faucet diverter that attaches in place of the aerator on the bathroom faucet. I can adjust the temperature and pressure with the faucet, then divert to the sprayer.

I got it in August and have only used cold water so far, and it’s been fine–refreshing, even. I’ll see how I feel in January. If I want it warmer, I can make it so.

The one I got is about $30 at the mother ship. It’s a little more awkward to use than this style, but it can be used for other things (washing hair in the sink, spraying the sink and toilet) as well.

It would be possible to use a faucet diverter (and probably an adapter) with one of these as well, although there will be some room-temperature water in the line when you start and there’s no easy way to let that flow out before you start using the bidet (except maybe the cleaning mode on some bidets).

Umm, Mr.-Ms.-Mrs. Bum does not have as many nerve endings as other sensitve areas. :blush:

I’ve had one of these bidets for a few years now, no regrets from any users.
You’ll also be pleased about the T.P. usage being cut at least in half.

I prefer the water to be cold, personally. I ran hot water in the bathtub yesterday and then used the bidet right after, so the water came out warm. I didn’t like it. Others’ mileage may vary.

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great quality for the price. Non electric bidet, make sure you have good enough water pressure. Small sturdy and keeps your butt clean!

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