BioBidet Fresh Spray Bidet Seat Attachment

BioBidet Fresh Spray Bidet Seat Attachment

I’m thinking about getting one… Can anyone recommend getting this one over the under $20 no-name brand ones on Amazon? They all have good reviews, but I figure I should consider the opinions of the Woot community first… The no-name cheap ones vs name brand ones are both plastic with the same design… How much of a difference can they be?

Happy bidet to me. Happy bidet to me. It’s time to wash my backside. Happy bidet to me.


I’m intrigued by these also. Not sure how I feel about ice cold water spraying my undercarriage though.

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It sure is cheaper than a power washer. Does it work as well?

Bio Bidet A5 Non-Electric Bidet Seat. This is one I purchased when toilet paper was scarce. It does not have any extra features that are on the electric models. Just a seat with rear and front wash. I love it!! I love it so much when we moved the toilets in the new house weren’t elongated so I swapped toilets from my old house to the new one. It didn’t take me very long to get used to the cooler water. It’s not freezing by any means. Highly recommend a bidet of any model vs using toilet paper.

Bought a bidet, I now pee sitting down. They’re great! No reason not to have one. This one looks pretty good!

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I got one of the electric models on here last year or so and get very sad when the wife makes me use the basement toilet… Wasn’t going to spend hundreds on the occasional dookie, but I will spend $30 on the occasional dookie… assuming this things aim is true, it’ll be fine. I do prefer the warmed water, but having used the other one after it was accidentally unplugged for a couple days, the water won’t be THAT cold. Will miss the seat warmer, though :rofl:

Have it and it works great. No idea why warm water is necessary.

I have one of the of the non-name brand ones. It works just fine. I didn’t think I could do without warm water, so I opted for a model with both hot and cold inlets. It wasn’t really necessary. Believe it or not, cold was nothing like I expected, and very seldom use hot water. I don’t think I’ll ever live in a home without one. I’m also seriously considering upgrading to an elongated toilet to enhance the bidet experience.

Bought the expensive electric one from last week or so here. Greatest thing in the world! Installed it in the main bathroom. Want one in the guest powder room as well, but it will be a tight fit and hard to power, so this small non electrical one will be perfect! No fear of guests breaking something expensive or dropping a remote into the potty and still have a bidet for when the main one is occupied during taco night.

I bought this one years ago. After a few months the valve developed a drip from the nozzle and later the vinyl hose connecting the valve to the nozzle came off. I’d try one of the cheaper models as this is cheaply made. Now we’re using Luxe bidets and they’ve been trouble-free.

Excellent purchase, great price, easy to install, and cleans very well with the right pressure! Great product!