BioBidet Slim Zero Non-Electric Bidet Seat

BioBidet Slim Zero Non-Electric Bidet Seat

Do the nozzles retract when not in use?

A bidet is one of my best purchases ever. That being said…

No electricity means tap water temperature! That means cold water splashing around. Turn on your sink’s cold water faucet (winter coming up BTW), and just imagine that hitting on your tunnel of terror. Best case is that holds a water tank where the water is at least ‘warmed’ to room temperature as the specs say. I can’t imagine enjoying this product without the warm water and warm seat of the other models. It’s usually pretty inexpensive to have an electrical receptacle installed near the toilet (especially if you are considering a $200 toilet seat), so do yourself a favor and do it right IMHO. Worst case, use an extension cord. YMMV.

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Hi there. Here’s info from BioBidet:

The nozzle is on a spring system and works with the water pressure that is allowed to pass through the internal valve.

When the water is turned on the spring is decompressed and this causes the nozzle to extend.

When the water is turned off and the pressure from the water decreases the nozzle will retract.

I live in the Northeast (Boston area) and I use a non-electric, non-heated bidet, and I’m here to tell you that this is just not as big an issue as people seem to think it is. Room temperature water is fine for this purpose, with the possible exception of the absolute coldest days of winter, which is really only a handful of days per year.

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Same here, not going to lie, I thought it was cold at first. But to be frank, I prefer cold as my back can work overtime having uncontrolled UC. Never used warm and I believe I would not like it. The cold is refreshing, like a stick of wintergreen gum…LOL
The REAL issue you need to think about, the problem of NOT wanting to go anywhere else. That because I an not flexible anymore, the disease has attacked my bones. So yeah, I LOVE LOVE LOVE these. YMMV

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The warming IS as big as they say haha… I’ve gone after the reservoir was tapped out and gotten the cold blast, even in summer it’s jarring. Plus the warm seat is such a luxury in the winter…

Perfect for use here in Florida!

To each their own. I have tried turning my heating off, and it’s no comparison to me once you’ve had the heated water. The room temp water felt like it was cutting me! lol