BioBubble Animal Habitats & Accessories

Look at the reviews on Amazon. Very problematic. Wished the reviews were better as I really wanted one of these! They look way cool!

Yeah, these all in one setups usually don’t work for aquaria, unless you’re only putting a betta in it. Specs don’t show it, but it’s only 4 gallons. I’d only keep other fish in it if you have a ton of experience. Also, due to the weird shape, you can’t add extra filtration. And lighting would probably also be an issue. But it’d probably work as a terrarium for an anole or tarantula.

Your absolutely right, being an aquarist myself, I wouldnt recommend anything other then a beta and even that would be punishment. I cant believe they show clown fish, its very misleading.

I wouldn’t trust a company that Photoshop’s clownfish and coral into a dinky 4gal tank…how misleading.