Bionaire Micathermic Convection Heater with Fan

Buy one… just in case your Sunbeam 50" x 60" Heated Fleece Throw stops working…

A billionaire heater? I think it’s already hot enough where the Koch brothers are going.

As quickly as it begun, it was over.

only two heaters sold… to texas and florida?

i am confused…

it’s clear the unseasonably cold winter is driving TX and FL wooters to seek out heating devices, since they probably don’t carry a ton in their local stores…

I find it hilarious that the only two went to texas and florida. oh yeah you guess totally need it, screw those people in alaska!

Best comment all day!!!

Seriously. As someone from AL, I propose that people in the South are less tolerant of cold and therefore more likely to buy things to ward it off, even when it’s not as bad as the cold elsewhere.

LOL… just, LOL