Bioworld USB Flash Drives: 4 Gigs Of Neat

I might buy the Marvin one, just because I love Marvin the Martian.

Careful buying these because of the size of the shell. These will not plug into many computers because the shell would obstruct the USB from inserting. The laptop I am on right now could not use these when on a desk/table because the USB are placed vertically.

Are you referring to any of the drive designs in particular, or is this a problem for all of them?

Yeah, I work in IT. 4 GB ain’t gonna cut it.

If the people that are selling these could you please ship outside of US perhaps to Europe? PLEASE!!

This would be a great deal if it were not for the $5.00 shipping. I was so hoping that Woot would continue to offer free shipping for those with Amazon accounts (at least for those with Amazon Prime!)

I’m sorry but the only Woot site that ships internationally is

Great deal if they were $0.99 and free shipping.

I have so many 2-4GB (and 256MB-1GB) flash drives that are collecting dust that I could probably run this woot myself.

Now that I think of it, I’ll send them to a local elementary school.

BTW: Staples sells 4GB Micro Flash drives all the time for $4.99 + $0.35 tax. I have 20 of them still in their retail cardboard (Don’t ask why I bought them, they were a deal in 2011 and only a C-note) They don’t hold enough to make them useful now.

Now getting anything than 64GB for more than $24 on Amazon seems like a lot. Next year 128GB for $25 will be the norm.