Bird Brain

*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

Uhhh, is this a case of worm ON the mind or IN the mind?

Haha, love his face. Tempting, tempting…

Damn, great pick- I might be in for one on this, Stumpyhorse rules!

creepy shirt is creepy

At first I thought it was an intestine in his brain but then I saw the eyes of the worm.

So based on the eye expressions this bird is either tripping or had waaay too much coffee recently.

Love it. Bought it.


Wow. There have been some ugly shirts the last 2 days.

Where are his glasses going? I thought birds didn’t have (external) ears?

Are those halftones?

Jared, I’ve been in love with your Lost at Sea shirt… why didn’t they pick something just as cool? (not saying this isn’t cool, I just wish it was something more akin to Lost at Sea, detail-wise) Congrats on the print, nonetheless. Well deserved, sir.

That bird looks soulless.

This shirt scares me.

Charles Nelson Riley?

Meh. In for none.

We need more carnivorous bunnies.

yay jublin!

I think I’ll have that same expression on my face when I get my next set of random shirts.

He has the look of a bird that just spotted the only thing he ever thinks about: tasty worms.