Bird Call Box

Ooh, it’s the rare Gallifreyan warbler.

This makes me feel both philosophical and like singing a Police song.

I want the cage.

Put a bird on it!

I think we need this same image, except with a dead horse inside. I mean, I’m a big Doctor Who fan, but every time I see woot and there’s yet another Doctor Who shirt, I cringe.

Agreed. I feel like at least half the shirts offered now are Doctor Who themed.

Despite Allon-y, I am still just a bird in a cage…

Lovely design, Ms. Pyne…

Haha! Thanks Oaken :slight_smile:

My 14 year old daughter bought this shirt. She also happens to have a finch that she named Donna Noble that looks similar to the bird on this shirt. She loved it when I pointed out that she will soon have a Doctor Donna shirt!