Bird Feeding

I have been looking for a bird feeder. woot you read my mind. my only question is which of these will keep out the squirrels besides the “squirrel proof” one which I do not like the look of.

They read my mind too! I wonder if their tracking cookies picked up on something, like how those who were on Woot were also browsing bird feeders? It’s freaky, I just got interested in bird feeders a week ago after watching my neighbor’s feeder. I took a few pictures, got hooked, and ordered a feeder and waterer off Amazon a couple days ago. Should be getting them tomorrow! I’m not too worried about them being squirrel proof or not. My neighbor has the long cylinder type hanging on a shepherd’s hook and I’ve never seen a squirrel try to get at it.

Some of the photos I took:

Male House Finch




Scared Them All Away


Squirrel proof? I don’t think so, Tim. Those tree rodents can extract a seed from anything!

thewrongg, nice pictures! Thanks for sharing!

I was just looking for Nyjer thistle seed for my finch feeder when I saw this woot!. This woot! works out to $2.12 per lb plus shipping. Amazon is selling one for $1.99 per lb with free prime shipping.

Where have all the woot! deals gone???

Maybe because Amazon now owns Woot? A subtle but important distinction…

I get it local from the feed store {yeah , I’m in the sticks} for .99 a pound-- sold bulk.

I can get the equivalent of the cardinal feed a lot less too then here. They deliver too !

I have the Brome Squirrel Buster Peanut Feeder, as well as the Brome Squirrel Buster Plus Regular Feeder (which is not listed here). I love them both. I live in a rural area where there are LOTS of squirrels, and have not seen any that have managed to feed from these feeders. HOWEVER, you MUST keep the feeder some distance from any other post or platform where they can lean over and pull it toward them.
I’m also impressed with the company. The cardinal ring on my regular feeder broke after some critter managed to knock it to the ground. I called Brome and they sent me a new cardinal ring immediately, no questions asked, at no charge (with free shipping).

Would also like to add this is a pretty good price (for the Brome feeder).

I personally own the Droll Yankees DROCPW180MB Whipper 21-inch 4-Port Squirrel Proof Feeder. I have had it for 6-12 months and bought it on woot. It’s a great feeder and build with quality. The squirrels fall when they try to do their suicide jumps onto the feeding prongs because the prongs collapse under the weight. They will also collapse under the weight of big birds too. The cap of the feeder is made out of metal. Squirrels have tried to bite/scratch the top to get into the feeder as I can see the marks.

Over all very happy with this feeder. Its build solid and its bigger then most feeders to hold a lot of seed. Its a little bit more pricy then most feeders but its going to last a lot longer.

So let me get this straight…most of these items are $5-10 off of the “list price,” and they still have $5 shipping, so in many cases, these are just “list price, with free shipping” or similar. Certainly not what we used to see on Woot. What happened to 70% off of retail? Just threw away a bird feeder, and was looking at them on Amazon, and honestly, why would I buy one of these instead?

We’ve had a Yankee Flipper for 7 or 8 years and it is squirrel proof. I’ve never been lucky enough to see a squirrel get flung by it, but they hang out under it because birds are messy and they test it every day. But if the battery runs down, the squirrels will discover that fact and empty the feeder in less than a day. Luckily, the battery charge lasts a long time… we might have to charge it twice a year, I think it’s closer to once a year.

well I went with the brome peanut feeder because it was the best deal here compared to amazon. It retails for around $52 there. I also do have many squirrels who have destroyed a few homemade bird feeders and the idea of them not being able to get to the peanuts makes me smile.