Bird Flu Kit

Don’t you complainers realize that Woot usually ends wootoffs with something a bit strange and out of the ordinary…this is!
All in all a good Wootoff except for all the server crashes. This is a bit longer than the last few although certainly not as long as they used to be.

can anyone else see these repulsive pics? why are they still here?

The last wootoff ending about 3pm in the afternoon. I sure have a great time with these. Thank you very much.

Firefox block images from FTW


Yay for my first woot-off, and my first woot! Thanks a lot, woot! I had fun (and my friends think i’m weird)!!

He’s a script kiddie, most likely under sixteen and at a loss for anything to do until the next episode of Naruto comes on Cartoon Network.

When he’s fifty, he’ll still think this is the height of comedy, not understanding why even his parents avoid him.

Don’t bother asking him.
If he thinks proxies are actually masking his IP, he doesn’t know DNS from DHCP.

I’m with ya !!!

I am sorry woot but I feel like a looser now.
I wanted the power inverters. But alas not even getting it as soon as available is good enough.
I am not even going to comment on the BOC. Jeez, getting to the personal info form and clicking accept was not good enough I guess.

I am sad…

Yeah that last picture was just wonderful to have on my screen as my children walked by. Thank you so much :-/

I’m behind 8, but whos counting?

Woot mods, please help us. We know you can and do delete posts, please get to work immediately on this thread.

Hm. That was my first Woot-Off. It was actually kind of fun and I managed to stay tuned all day.

Too bad one of those Wacom tablets didn’t pop up. I’m looking for one of those.

I’m willing to chip in. Maybe we can get them to put that up for tomorrow’s woot? See how far up they can drive the price??? :slight_smile:

We could send out some ninja wizards to take care of him!

ip ban

I need three. And by three I mean like 9000.

BFD, you’ve been here less than 6 months and you’re going to lecture us on Woot-Off duration? I’ve been around a lot longer just with this sn and even farther back with another name.

Real woot offs used to be 36-72 hours, with most falling in at around 48 hours. Since you joined many of them have been 24 hours or less.

You don’t have any better understanding than anyone you’re criticizing.

get that picture off! jeez

Easy to block… just use Firefox with the adblock add-on. :slight_smile: