Bird Flu Kit

probably trying

Maybe the woot gods are angry?

Are there really enough people who want to bird flu to warrant a kit? Har har!

Completely unoffensive pictures were lasting 30 seconds during the woot off, where are the mods for this guy?

also woot is growing with members. woot get’s new member every day. it was a great woot. the big one is still to come when woot does it’s taxes and clears out the wherehouse so they dont have to pay for items in stock. i agree with you. not even the whine stayed up for a long time. good woooting to ya.

This was a great Wootoof… Smooth and high value… Took home the Random Crap and
added the Cannon HD Camcorder at $449 to my STUFF. I’m a Pepper wouldn’t you want
to be a Pepper too.

WWE! Worst Woot EVER!

I see you have attained your claim to fame. You’ll always have a special place in Woot-dom.

They will.
He’ll get bored and go back to building a girlfriend.
Then they’ll scrub it.

ninja wizards RULE! I’m in for a fitie.

I don’t want a bird flu kit.

On pictures -
Please hit the Report Button, not the Reply button!

Agreed. No probation, an all out ban!


See it once,

right click


you don’t see it ever again…

AD BLOCK + FIREFOX for the love of god

We should pity the creeps with the stupid photos. Think of the life they must have if this the only way they get their thrills. Must be desparate and lonely. Sad, really sad. Come on moderators, do something.

Elvis has left the building

Woot why have you gone down hill so much recently?

where is this adblock?! Does that bird flu kit have something to cure idiocy?!

Could the Flu - Kit be something like the BxOxC or are they serious about the products if they are more expensive than 1$ ?