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Where are the Woot people? Do you not know what is on your site right now. This person needs to be turned into the police, seriously…I’m out of here and won’t be back for a while. Woot needs to control their site more, those pics are totally discusting, weird and totally inappropriate. This person is not right.


wheeew adblocked


hey svengoolie… you’ve been here SO long. Let’s see: Woot-offs used to last 36 hours minimum. several started at midnight on a Thursday and lasted until 4-6pm on Friday. i know this because i spent several Fridays at work late just because I didn’t want to miss the bag of crap while on my hour commute home. Stick around longer before you open your mouth. The woot-offs have been significantly shorter in the past 5 months or so.

One day in the not so distant future we will all look back and wish we got one…

Best advice ever! THANK YOU! I have firefox and did not know that it had that feature.

I love you.

Thank you soooo much for that info!!!



Send this Woot To CHINA

Agreed, I wasn’t aware of it! Learn something new every day. I guess this wootoff wasn’t a total waste.

What are the chances they’ll go back to the W-O after 1am est?

Ive never seen the flashers go away to signify the last product. Maybe I just havent been paying attention though.

People will complain if a woot lasts 4 hours and people will complain if it lasts 4 seconds. If people can’t handle it go else where. Its just like people calling up radio stations and complaining on the air, your only egging the situation on. And since there are members who have been here for years that just shows woot is doing the right stuff.

I’m voting Woot for 2008!

No, we all wandered away.
When someone with real power shows up, he will get banned.
I’m deleting the stuff now.

uber weak. I gave up after I got sars…

Guys, it’s honestly not a terribly offensive picture if you look at it clinically.

All it is is a vagina with stiches and a catheter. Maybe I am jaded, but it’s not something that offends me really. The repetition is what sucks.

Pity the guy. He only gets his jollies by trying to offend others. Probably a 14 year old with no parental supervision anyway.

Thanks!! Have been using Firefox for a long time and had no idea that feature existed!