Bird Help City Woot Info Post - it’s a lot like love…

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It’s wearing a gas mask?

Not another raven shirt. Isn’t one on the reckoning charts bad enough?

Who knew Alfred Hitchcock was a city planner?

Interesting piece, Sarah! I’m not very fond of the gas mask, but I like the hand drawn aspect.

Clearly, this bird is attempting to provide help in an obvious statement for society while making a hidden social commentary that we are all weak willed and need protection.

it would look cool if the city didn’t look so bad. and what is that on its mouth?

it would look cool if the city didn’t look so bad. and what is that on its mouth?

I just don’t know what to make of this one.

Don’t you mean condor help city?

Based on its size, this guy appears to be the culprit for what I found on my car the other day.

At least this was hand drawn.

For some reason, I feel like this would be a city in Pokémon.


I know it’s just my opinion, and I figure I might get flamed for it - but I feel a lot of the shirts on shirt.woot have been more miss than hit.

Why does the bird have a donut around its beak?

I think light pollution is a greater threat to birds because it causes them to fly into high rise windows. So this bird should be sporting a pair of rad sunglasses instead.

It took me way too long to figure out that was a gas mask.

this is the same artist who drew
[Her Face In The Waves](

It makes sense that the railroads form a gas mask on the bird. Poor avian can’t take the pollution.

I’d say something witty, but I spilled a ginormous bowl of cereal on my keyboard and now all the keys stick and its STINKS to type.