Bird’s Eyes

So where’s the broccoli?

That face has such a haunting look… Well done, Nanda Corrêa.

Why was this the first thing I thought of?

Gorgeous details. I kinda wish this had been done on another color tee that still would have complimented the piece (say lemon yellow) and the colors could have been spread a little further, but still a great piece. Congrats on the print.

Also, I just noticed, the splash of color looks vaguely like Africa. Does anyone else notice it?

This is pretty. Very pretty.

Wont be a quality post but all I can say is this: Simply Epic. Will buy 3 when I get money.

I’m in favor of artsy shirts but this one does not suit my tastes…

This is the kind of picture that somebody presents to me and asks: “So, what do you think?” Having no artistic background (and little to no interest in this person’s drawing) I kindly reply “Nice” and promptly change the subject.

Zeppelins. What’s up with those?

Fantastic write up. I love woot shirts, cutesy, nerdy, pop culturish and artistic.
I don’t see even a woot-off making this shirt a sell out, but it is pretty. Just not for me.
So I’ll just put on my “No one left to play with” tomorrow, and give the forums a wide berth.


Wheres the joke?

“You cannot prevent the birds of sadness from passing over your head, but you can prevent their making a nest in your hair.”

I am wise, I know.

i cant wear this for fear of becoming the description’s character

I recognize this lady, wasn’t she in a 60’s rock band?

Love the design and coloring, but the small anatomy mistakes keep me from thinking that this shirt is a buy.

Being 6’8", it has been suggested that I wear a shirt with a face on it so that other, punier persons can conduct a conversation at eye-level. Is this what they meant? Or would that be gender-whiplash?

When I get that build up of foliage in my hair I know it’s time to change shampoo.

It got sent to bed without dinner.

Someone did the Disney reference but I think this is the origin story of so many animated skipping dancing dressing bird scenes, the primeval pre cartoon. Pretty enough to launch at least a thousand legends.

It is nice, but the shirt color does not do it justice.

With that color for a background, it would look better on the side of a 1970’s van.