Birds Choice Hummerfest 12-oz. Hummingbird Feeder

Birds Choice Hummerfest 12-oz. Hummingbird Feeder

This was just ok. The white flower inserts are not included (as picture shows) but instructions were there to insert them. It is easy 2 fill/clean. The powder juice is not red but clear but looks red due to red base. I feel this was a bit pricey for what u get. But i m using it and the new/smaller birds are using it but not our returning flock

We always made our own sugar water boiled - some added food coloring but I like the clear

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Hi there. Where do you see white flower inserts? I don’t see it on our sale page or the Amazon one (where we pulled the info from).

And agree with @Palmettogirl56, there’s no reason to dye the nectar.

Sorry i missed this…the flower inserts were in the instructions, not in the pics. Hope this helps