Birkenstock Arizona Soft Footbed Suede Leather Sandals (Open Box)

Birkenstock Arizona Soft Footbed Suede Leather Sandals (Open Box)

Color clarification, please.
There is a Taupe Suede listed as a choice, but not pictured.
There are 2 lighter colors pictured, but not selectable to order.
If I select the taupe suede option, what will be coming?

same question from me…

I ordered the taupe, but so far not even a label created.
So not sure anything is coming yet…

Looks like the label was created on Friday. Most likely it went out on Friday’s truck or will go out on Monday’s truck. Our little Dallas warehouse is backed up a bit but they’re pedaling as fast as they can.


Thank you for checking.
I have been getting some lost, delayed & messed up orders from Carrollton, Tx lately.
The last one was shapeware I ordered up a size to Lg-1x as reviews advised. They sent shapewear in odd colors (which maybe ok, it’s underwear) but in 3x-4x. That’s a size that just won’t help the situation here.
Send a note to CS for guidance yesterday.
I do love you guys and have a genuine Chgo sense of humor, but I may check in a little less for a bit.