Birkenstock Women's Boston Clog

Birkenstock Women's Boston Clog

Wondering wth size 45 is, as I am 6’3" and wear a 12 which according to this is a 43

Women’s size 14?? Not unheard of, the size chart stops at 43, so just wondering

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Another question - not ever owned Birkenstock before are they worth the price?

Yes, they are worth the price. Birkenstocks are the only shoes I can wear and I’ve purchased all but 2 pairs at full price. Finding real Birkenstocks on sale is amazing. Too bad they don’t have my size.

I wear a men’s 10(ish) and a 43 (EU) for Birkenstocks.

And I believe a womens 45 would equate to a US Womens 14.

Here’s the Birkenstock size guide. It only goes up to 42 as well. However, if you look carefully at their size guide, it’s kinda unisex. Men’s shoe sizes run 2 sizes smaller than women for the same fit.
Size 9 women = size 7 mens.

43 is 10-10 1/2 Men’s so 12-12 1/2 women.

@ThunderThighs thanks and welcome back

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