Birthday, ours? Cancelled!

nah. Not Bots. Just people that know how to work the system. I’ve been here a few years and was “lucky” enough to buy about 10 so far. It’s nerve wracking during the purchase, but there are tips and tricks to it.

Main thing is to make sure you sign out and back in about every 15-30 minutes during a Woot-Off so you don’t have to do it at login.
Second thing is to use regular woot login, not amazon login. Otherwise it will prompt you to do it every single purchase. It’s really annoying. Plus, bags of crap are free shipping anyway so amazon login doesn’t do anything for shipping.


I’m still on probation from buying
one haha

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I think they say they’re going to sell the boc… but never do. How would we know if they did or didn’t. It’s a perpetual goose chase


It’s gone now but it was on the main page of the Clearance section.

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Quite a few were sold.

A lot of geese. LOL



It’s Schrödinger’s bag of crap

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Dang it! It’s my daughter’s birthday too so I got distracted. I might need to convince her that we’ve been lying to her her whole life and change her birthday to a different day. Maybe July 11th or even 10th just to be safe…???

There are literally hundreds of reveal posts showing what folks got - Bandolier of Carrots’s are meant to be difficult, but they are definitely real.


Yum yum tree


Is this a one-time Bach On Cellos for today, or are there more coming? ARE THEY HIDDEN RIGHT NOW FOR US TO FIND???

That was it for today. Plenty more coming through this week and the first half of next week though.


I’ll stop hitting F5 then. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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What ami doing wrong :anguished::astonished:

Not finding the BOC?

It’s sold out now. More to come this week and the first half of next though.

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Happy birthday