Birthstone Bling

Gemstones at this price point are usually lab-created. So you’re looking at lab-created rubies, sapphires, and probably opals. From a chemistry standpoint, these are pretty much the same as naturally-occurring minerals. Also, some more random info while I’m at it… Citrine is almost always heat-treated amethyst. Citrine very rarely occurs naturally, and when it does, it’s more yellow than orange. Blue topaz is frequently heat-treated brown topaz. The more you know.

And emeralds, as noted in the description.

So then these topaz and citrine are basically the same as I would find in Macy’s or Zales or Sam’s Club.

I like how Macy’s and Sam’s Club are in the same sentence.

Costco and Bloomindales?

Any way to designate a ring size or does everyone get a size 12 or 4?

I checked the specs for each of the rings, it looks like they’re all size 7. Hope that helps!

First comment after a long time woot member. It’s that important.

Be careful buying sterling silver in a size too big. Most jewelers will not risk sizing it as the metal is too soft. I was a manager of a jewelry store for 5 years. Only the “cheap” stores would even try and the results were disastrous.

If you can find a self employed custom jeweler, they will do it with the warning that it will be less than perfect. A very skilled local man who makes his own jewelry resized a silver ring for my daughter, and it turned out fine.

Any one know how big these are? Or when it says “diamond size 11mm” do they really mean the diameter of the ring of diamonds is 11 mm? Does that make the whole thing 11mm in diameter with a 5 mm stone in the center? (I’m looking at the earrings in particular)

On the Opal Ring specs, it says it’s a garnet.


So, if I get this & ring -size 7 does not fit, I can return it hassle free?

These rings/jewelry are very tacky, do not look natural & are wayyyyy overpriced. Should you happen to live in Chicago, Dave’s Rock Shop in Evanston Is totally amazing; with natural stones & all kinds of archeological finds (mammoth hair, petrified wood, fossils & way more)! that includes cut & set semi-precious stones in sterling silver at reasonable prices. I bought a lovely oval garnet pendent for my girlfriend ($46), then you can select a chain for it by length & width gauge; all sterling silver & quality (Won’t snap like cheap chains when they get snagged).

Ooo, bonus!! There is a FREE museum downstairs of truly ancient geological finds! Fossils, dinosaurs; all this in the bottom of a rock shop! So cool =D


I think my birthstone is Gall.

I had a passing interest in maybe buying some of these for my female family members, so I checked out Amazon, which is generally a good idea for anything on Woot. Even if Woot is cheaper, you can still read the product reviews on Amazon. Anyway, Amazon has some much more attractive items for the same prices. These rings look cheap and ugly compared to some of the $40 gemstone rings on Amazon.

I ordered emeralds and got diamonds
I didn’t want diamonds. Anyone else have this problem?

I’m sorry to hear that you received the wrong order.

Please email into Woot Member Services at
and they should be able to help resolve the issue.