BiscuIT Support

C’mon, Biscuit monster! Delete those cookies! :slight_smile:

bitten cookie logo :smiley: nice one!

I saw the pic for this immediately after something about dogs and was disappointed that it was Cookie Monster and not a dog at the computer. Americans don’t generally call cookies biscuits unless we’re translating Brits :wink:

There’s no “IT” in cookie.

Do you wear this while being treated like yesterday’s jam?

Cookie Monster’s plans are becoming ever more elaborate. Seem to be effective though! :smiley:

But there are less calories if I call it a biscuit vs a cookie, therefore I can eat more.

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I’m American, with a British husband, he will be pleased to know I blew right past the cookie vs. biscuit conundrum. I promised myself to try to go a whole month without buying Woot shirts, but Cookie Monster is my Kryptonite. I’ve worn out the milk and cookie bender one, my all time favorite. LOVE the blue color of the shirt!

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Congrats on the daily print, giraffalot!

Thanks everyone! :slight_smile: Today I learned that biscuits aren’t always biscuits in the USA!

But there are chips… chocolate chips… (grin)