Bissel Proheat Clearview-Black

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Bissel Proheat Clearview-Black
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So-so reviews (2.3 out of 5.0) over at amazon and check out the product page

Does the vacuum attachment clean with the hot water too?

Finally found this:

*SmartTemp heats the cleaning solution for carpet and hard floor application only. It does not heat solution sprayed through the accessory tools.

on page 13 of the User’s Guide

While not this exact model, I’ve had a couple Bissell carpet cleaners over several years. The first was an upright similar to this, and it worked well except the hand tool quit spraying the cleaner after a year, or so. For me that wasn’t a big deal as I mostly used it to suction water and cleaner along the baseboards. I eventually bought a larger Bissell because my upright used an internal bladder to hold the clean water that was OK, but I was tired of cleaning dirt from around it. My new Bissell does a good job.

These are not deep cleaners, however. They do get up a lot of dirt and pet hair that my vacuum simply can’t get too in the carpet, but I don’t think that they compare to a professional carpet cleaner.

I have had two carpet shapooers over the years. A canister style Bissel (with a motor and bucket on wheels separate from the shampoo wand) and a Bissel all-in-one like this one (different model, same basic design). I much preferred my old canister model. Here are a list of problems I have seen with our upright that never were a problem on the other style.

  • The clean water, dirty water, and soap containers are all small. I have to refill/empty them multiple times even for a small to moderate cleaning job.

  • Emptying the dirty water is awkward. The bucket is an odd shape and somewhat of a pain to get off and on without spilling. It does have a corner spout that helps with the pour.

  • The ‘heating’ feature is, I think, a gimmick. You still have to fill it with hot water, so what is the on-board heater really doing?

  • I find the scrubbing brushes leave wet soggy ‘fluff’ on my carpet. I have to vacuum over the area I just cleaned with a wet/dry vacuum to pick up the fluff.

  • It drips/leaks when turned off. You need to get it off the clean carpet quickly or else it leaves a dirty wet spot. I put ours on a towel in the bathroom or else a puddle forms.