Bissell air400 Smart Purifier

Bissell air400 Smart Purifier

This is a really good deal on this. I bought one of these directly from Bissell on a sale for $219, and it works great. It’s very very quiet and does an excellent job filtering the air in my large living room and kitchen area. It’s pretty cool to see it detect the odor and particulates on it’s little gauge and then kick into higher gear to keep the air clean.

is this a new unit, or a refurbished unit?

If it’s so smart why is it still working instead of on an extended vacation in Belize?

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Hello. It’s new.


thank you.

For others who are cheap DIYers like me), a 20-inch box fan ($15) and a HEPA-grade 20x20x5" furnace filter ($30-$50) is much more powerful than this. It will also be louder, mostly because it is more powerful. Just duct-tape the filter (on all edges) to the fan’s output side.

Every 6 months, replace the filter. This product will require that, too.

I leave it running in the bedroom 24/7 during allergy season (in ragweed season I actually have another one running in the TV room). Otherwise, I put it in a room where the fan noise won’t bother me.

There is no “HEPA grade” furnace filter.
A high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter is the top of the line in air filtration and removes more than 99% of particles that are 0.3 microns or larger in size. However, because of the dense filtration material used in HEPA filters, the air pressure needed to force air through the filter is too great for a furnace or air conditioning fan to handle. A HEPA filter installed in a furnace would restrict the air flow to the point that no air would come out of your vents. However, traditional air filters in the higher range of the MERV ratings (12-13) come close to the levels of HEPA filtration, with the exception of virus removal.

If you need or desire the ultimate contaminant removal that HEPA filtration offers, we recommend installing a separate air filter in your home that utilizes HEPA filtration. This will keep your furnace functioning efficiently and guarantee superior quality in your household air.

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