Bissell Barbie Real Vacuum


where is the “worst woot candidate” image? :slight_smile:


I have two sons. Not tonight for me…


Where’s the “Worst Woot Candidate” badge for this one? I mean, really… a Barbie Vaccuum?


as much as a like being a guy vaccuuming with a barbie vaccuum, i’m gonna pass. nice color though.


May I be the first to vote for this as the Worst Woot Ever?!


This is a true Thanksgiving turkey. All that’s missing is the “Worst Woot” logo…and the cranberry sauce.


worst woot ever, and i LIKE barbie, i mean who doesn"t?


OMG! My daughters would love this, but they certainly don’t need any more toys to junk up the house with.


I stayed up for a BARBIE VACUUM?

You forgot the “worst woot candidate” icon, btw.


wow $20 for that also, RIPOFF!


Quick, someone call the feminists over! Ahh, woot, you gave me quite a laugh tonight. I might have foolishly bought this for my daughter seven or so years ago. But thanks for the giggle before I sleep.


Wow. My oldest daughter has something like this. Loves it. Likes to help me as I clean.

But, where is the ‘Worst Woot!’…


Meanest joke ever.


“Here you go honey, a Barbie vacuum. Now go play with it in the living room and then the stairs and then your bedroom.”


Everybody knows Barbie doesn’t vacuum… duh !


Never for my Daughters
GIRL Power !
Proud Father, Proud Wooter .


Is Cinderella’s step sisters in charge of picking todays woot? WTF!!!


hahaha, this is great. My brother didn’t get anything for me for xmas last year (because he’s a jackass) so this is payback, classic.


A toy vacuum??? Definitely worst WOOT I’ve seen. What a waste. Someone should get fired over this one.