Bissell BarkBath Portable Dog Bath System

Hey Woot- How about some more Adeptus Rolling Carts? Thanks!

Does this warm up the water?

Never mind. I cleverly figured out that I could put warm water into it.
Full time graduate student working on end of term projects. Evidently my brain is mush (and my dog is in desperate need of a bath, his hygiene having been largely neglected for the past several weeks, poor pup).

So, basically it’s a SpotBot with a longer hose? Interesting.

Bissell decided bath time for dogs wasn’t stressful enough on them so they added a vacuum cleaner to the process!
Because dogs LUV vacuums

That’s what I was thinking about my Little Green Machine. So I checked into it and found this.

Question: What model of portable deep cleaner does this work with?
Answer: Good question, Linda! The grooming tool will fit any non heated Little Green made after 2006. It will also fit our non heated SpotBots, SpotCleans and SpotClean Pro’s.
By Ask B. MANUFACTURER on March 14, 2017

I have a little green clean machine…Great unit for rug spots…

Good luck turning that on and not having your dog run for the hills…LOL…Better have the dog tied and gagged…

Kicking myself for not buying a 2nd one at Big Lots as a refurb a while back for $39.99…


My (late) doggie actually didn’t mind the vacuum.

All they need to add is a pet nail grinder too. Completely terrify your pet all at once.

When my dog hears the vacuum she runs for the hills so I don’t know how well this would work. I have a spot bit, never thought about using it on the dog! She’s part Lab, but hates the water!

and why shouldn’t it warm up the water? good question, grad student.

Our Boxer loved the vac. He’d come up to whoever was using it on the furniture and wait for them to put the wand on him and rub it all over. I guess the suction was soothing to his skin.

I think it would take a team of 6 or more people to hold down our current Terrier to be able to use this dog bath thing on him - LOL.

Omigod thatS funny!