Bissell BarkBath Portable Dog Bath System

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Bissell BarkBath Portable Dog Bath System
Price: $99.99
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If your dog does like it, you can always do your carpets.

Your video link does not work. Maybe I can get my kids to bathe more now that I have this.

Good idea, Meh execution. Cost was the same as if I had taken all 3 GSDs to the groomers. Thought it was worth the gamble. One dog tolerated it, one trembled like I was killing him, and my biggest one acted like a cornered feral bobcat. They didn’t get squeaky clean in any shape, form, or fashion. However I was surprised at the amount of dirt that DID come off. Would I buy another if this one dies, no. Is it a good tool to use for quick spot cleanups, yes. Do my dogs hate my guts? Now, absolutely. About the claims that you can use it in any room of the house…now well that’s just poppycock. Placed a blanket on the bathroom floor and still got water everywhere. User error? Maybe. Leaky nozzle helped too. Next time it’s the front porch for sure.

Ooh, now I can combine my dogs’ two favorite activities: baths and vacuum cleaners!

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You win the Woot comment section for the day

If you think you’re dog’s gonna love this, wait till you use it on your cat!

This is the first gen model. 2nd gen is much quieter after feedback from customers. It’s $149 for 2nd gen new.

Wear leather gloves thick enough that your dog’s teeth can’t penetrate…else STITCHES TIME BOYS

I really don’t understand. I am a prime member, I Pay for that membership, I receive the offers with that membership by mail, but if I want to buy that offer, it always say doesn 't ship to montreal… So may I ask, why should I be a prime member?