Bissell BarkBath Portable Dog Bath System

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Bissell BarkBath Portable Dog Bath System
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“Sound dampening Mat”?
Who is this man with amazing talents? Can he muffle yips and yelps from man’s best friend? Silence the languorous laments of the ignored K9? No.
You mean the machine vibrates with no internal dampening and it is cheaper to include an 80¢ fabric sample for it to sit on than to isolate the pump from the body with rubber grommets.
Better yet, make the hose longer so you can have it in a closet, shut the door, run it out another closed door into another room and have no “sensitizing” regimen.

This is here for a reason. Super high return rate on Amazon mothership due to the fact that this has some seriously bad shampoo that you must use. You cannot use any other shampoo with it. Most people complain that it causes their dogs to get terrible dry skin and dandruff. On top of this, the shampoo is expensive and larger dogs require multiple bottles of it.

The other main complaint is the fact that it leaks and doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do.

Great concept, subpar execution. Kevin O’Leary would have shot this product dead a long time ago. Novel idea but the product itself just misses the mark by a lot.

I failed to heed the advice given on the last sale and tried this on my cats. I was just released from the hospital last week. The doctors say there’s a chance I will make a full recovery, but it could take years. However, I’m not sure if I’ll ever get past the mental anguish. Oh God, the nightmares!

When they call it a dog bath system, they mean it. Do NOT try it on your cat!

Thanks for saving me from pouring over the Amazon review. I’ve been interested in this since they put it up on Kickstarter or wherever they started the crowd funding for it but haven’t pulled the trigger. I’ve noticed it here several times soon after the initial launch and the price keeps coming down. That was a major warning - and then I saw it was only 3 stars on Amazon. Staying away from this - we’ll just keep fighting with the hose haha.

Agree. I used to bathe my cat. Bad idea. (Cats have 6 ends and 5 of them are sharp and pointy!)

Portable dog bath system… How often have you ever been ‘on the go’ with your animal and needed to give them a bath right then and there, and been glad you had a car-trunk sized expensive dog shower ready to go.

Seriously people, nobody needs this product… ever… If you cannot be bothered to actually take care of your pet without overpriced gadgets to lock them in what is probably a traumatizing experience for them of an enclosed space filling with water and chemicals where they cannot escape, then you do not deserve to have a pet.

C’mon you are really missing out here… if it’s a vacuum and a bath let’s included the rest:
Now with more THUNDER!!!
Like M80s? Barkbath includes 20 just for surprise “fun”.
One free Vet visit included with each purchase.