Bissell Deep Clean Lift-Off Blue

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Bissell Deep Clean Lift-Off Blue
Price: $139.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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Check out some reviews from Walmart


This machine kicks butt. So far it has pulled the following out of our carpet - some months and 2 previous cleanings later.

  1. Coffee
  2. Soda
  3. Dog Vomit.
  4. The Dread Dog Poop Kaleidoscope
  5. General? That shows up on a beige carpet.

It’s easy to use, heats up fast, and does work well on stairs and as a spot cleaner.

Cleans ups are a bit of a pain if you have pet hair, as it will permeate every possible unreachable crevice of the hoses and attachments. To clean the brush base, you will need a screw driver for 3 screws - it’s still really simple.

Also, we paid over $200 for ours 2 years ago. This is a damn good price.

Let Bissell help you out with this handy home stain removal guide and watch these handy videos to learn how to clean your machine

The most comparable item over at the mothership seems to have several nice hose attachments including one for crevices. This one has a vague mention in the features section of this:
“3” tough stain tool is designed for cleaning stairs, upholstery and hard-to-reach areas"

The “in the box” section just says:
“this here doohickey we’re trying to sell you”
(my paraphrase).

Is there any chance we can get a better list of attachments? I’d really love to pick one of these up, but scrubbing crevices with the end of a hose isn’t my kind of party, and this being a referb it seems like included accessories might be a crap shoot.
(Any and all perceived double entendre is unintintional, incidental, and in your imagination, try to act like adults people)


I looks just like this thing.

I would like to add that it does a pretty darn decent job, though I prefer the (not included here) Pet Attachment. Which is essentially the same tool, with rubber knobby things that dig at the carpet for extra gross getting.

So you’re saying the referb version definitely does come with that one, but definitely does not come with anything else? Any staff that can confirm?

I’m saying that is the tool that matches the description on the sale page.

“3” tough stain tool is designed for cleaning stairs, upholstery and hard-to-reach areas"

I can’t confirm anything other than what’s listed on the sales page - and no other attachments are listed as included.

I thought that might be the case, but thanks for your help anyway. Apparently the woot masters are too busy talking cranky wooters with slow orders off the ledge to have enough time to take my moneys. Maybe I’ll get to click the button tomorrow if they don’t sell out… and someone with access to info beyond google feels like chiming in.

Hi @thumperchick. Wondering about cleaning the tanks.
I have a cat who has a very touchy gut as far as fur balls. I little hair and up it comes along with, well you get the idea.
So lots of cat barf. (Yes, have seen the vet about it. Kitty is ok. ) But I do all the spot cleaning on my hands and knees. : (
Would this work ? Obviously I would pick the “chunks” up. And how hard and how much time does it take to clean the tanks after use for such a small but potent spot ?

TL/DR : Is it worth taking out the machine for small jobs ?

PS how much does it weigh ?

If there is no handpiece, how does it compare to this model:

This has a 3 year warranty and a handpiece.

The features mention:

3" tough stain tool is designed for cleaning stairs, upholstery and hard-to-reach areas

Bought one of these at Walmart last year and it rocks. Some stats: 2 dogs, 2 cats, kids. We have a very tough to clean berber style rug and this machine does better than any other home machine has. For small, er, concentrated areas of stain (puke, poop, pee, mud) the handheld wand is great. Has its own sprayer and good suction. The whole motor and two tanks unit comes off the blue base/handle part very easily, so you can use the cleaner for places like the car. For that, its just awesome (think old, stinky chocolate milk spills). So, basically a year in and its doing great. For whole room cleaning, the tanks are a bit small and have to be filled/emptied fairly often, but that hasn’t been a major drawback.

Anyone know how this works with shag rugs or high pile carpeting?

I didn’t see any ‘restrictions’ in the description, so I’m guessing it’s okay. I guess I’m just looking for someone that’s tried it with a higher pile.

(We’ll be using it to shampoo high traffic areas, no stains)

Anyone know how easy this machine is to clean?

I have an older model and like it because it’s pretty easy to get all of the gunk out of it after using it. Is this one similar or do you have to leave a lot of the fuzzies behind when putting it away?

I have a dog who likes to secretly pee on a carpet that has built in “pee camouflage”, so every few months or so I rent a Rug Doctor and use the Nature’s Miracle Carpet cleaner to catch any spots that may be hiding. Would this machine do the same thing for me? It would pay for itself after three uses.

From the thumbnail pic, i thought Woot was selling a snail.

Yes. These things - no matter what model or manufacturer - do as good a job if you clean regularly as a Rug Doctor would do “every few months.”

The thing to remember is even a Rug Doctor requires you to vacuum the carpet first. Anything that won’t dissolve or be caught in the water and soap won’t get picked up - so you may get a ton of pee or poop or Dr. Pepper - be quick with that last one - off the carpet, but you’ll end up with the deep clean machine clogged with hair, fluff and anything bigger than a grain of sand.

I currently own a Hoover SteamVac which is getting on 5 years old now and is dying monthly - the brushes quit spinning and it needs constant cleaning of itself. The entire thing is air-driven (no belts) so any blockage kills it, and the time it takes to get the thing ready to clean (filling tanks, soap, maneuvering it because it weighs a metric ton) the water isn’t as hot as it might need to be.

Just because of that, I just bought this thing. Belt driven, easy to lug from the garage to the stain, and keeps the water hot! If it lasts as long as the Hoover did, it will have been worth it.

Also; don’t skimp on the soap just because you would use it more regularly. Stick to Nature’s Miracle or Resolve or the cleaner-brand pet solution. Don’t think that for half the price a Walmart carpet soap will do anything more than half the job…

(I’m keeping the Hoover, since it does hard floors like tile and laminate, and does a terrific job as long as it’s practically maintained)

I believe the similiar model is the Bissell 66E1 found here: pretty decent reviews; but a lot of suction issues…:slight_smile: