Bissell Garage Pro Wet/Dry Vacuum

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199.95 on HSN Averaging 4.5 star reviews with 68 reviews. I’ll review the reviews and come back later with a summary.

[youtube=Bsrzs4dVzow] [/youtube] Here is a short demo video

This thing SUCKS!!! Yes, I went there.

It really does. Probably the best garage vacuum I’ve used outside of the industrial vacs at the car wash.

Word of caution though. The hoses seem to be a little delicate. I took it out of the box, uncoiled it, and somehow tore the hose material so that it was immediately useless. To Bissel’s credit, I called them up with this complaint, and they sent me a new hose free of charge. No problems since then, but I definitely don’t yank on it like I would with the Craftsman shop vac.

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Do you need to change filters to switch between wet/dry?

So the first hose was defective or the hose is flimsy? According to the pitch it’s “heavy duty”.

I love this vacuum! I bought and older model about 6-7 years ago and it still works as good as when it was new!

I managed to find a very similar manual They seem to take the same vacuum, the difference is that manual shows the other version coming with more attachments than today’s woot.

Overall you will get the same basic idea though.

Edit: I promised I’d come back with a review of the reviews, so here we go!

Cons: A lot of people complained that this isn’t powerful enough to hold up in a ‘true shop environment’ It’s not strong enough to pick up big debris and the blower could use a little more force. Other people complained that the plastic attachments are a little thinner than they would have liked where they connect. Also, Country of Origin:

Pros: If you’re just going to use this in the garage or to clean out your car you should be just fine. The power is great at picking up dust, dirt, and light quantities of sawdust. The hose is nice and long (Ladies) at 32 feet so it you don’t have to worry about dragging your vacuum all over the place. Also, a lot of people said the vacuum was lightweight so even if you do need to carry it around you wont break your back.

Overall for the money, I’d say this is a pretty good vac for use around your house. For 100 dollars you’ll be hard pressed to find a vacuum with this many attachments with this much power for such a great price.

it sucks, but you don’t yank it???

Yes, I’ll go there, too.

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The second hose that was mailed to me appears to be identical (as in not an improved design), and hasn’t had a problem. I think the first one might have had a flaw, as I literally didn’t do anything but uncoil it. I guess I wanted to mention it just in case I wasn’t the only one with the problem. Again, Bissel took care of me, and I’ve been very pleased with the vac outside of the slight inconvenience of waiting for the new hose.

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You typically want/need a filter with dust particles so you don’t gunk up the magical blower motor that causes the suction. That’s not such a problem when the dust is trapped inside some water molecules… that said, if the water is sloshing near the blower intake, you need to a) stop and turn it off before you electrocute yourself, and b) dump the water out.

So… does it come with only one filter? Two filters? No filters?

I wasn’t looking for general information about how filters work with suction devices but rather, specific information about this particular suction device and it’s filter usage requirements - or as per the original and more succinct phrasing, do you need to change filters to switch between wet/dry?

Why wouldn’t I just use my 16 gal rigid shop vac that anyone can get at Home Depot’s black friday sale for less than thirty dollars? Or instead of paying a hundred bucks for this get three?

I reckon with enough duct tape, you could attach yours to the wall to keep it handy and ready to use like this one. :tongue:

Here’s the product page and the User’s Guide. Hopefully that will have something to answer your question.

Does anyone know if this thing has enough ass to be piped in as a whole house vac or is it a bit on the wimpy side for that? Thanks.

Howdy…does this vaccum have a handle of any type for carrying. I don’t have a garage but would like something of this type with a long hose to use in my condo but would need to be easy to move from room to room.