Bissell Garage Pro Wet/Dry Vacuum

Again, these units are $99.99 at your local OLLIES stores, if you got one in your area. This is NO deal… Even with PA 6% sales tax, you would only save $1 whole freeking dollar with WOOT, but have the WAIT. I have been paying more attention to these so called DEALS, to see some are really NOT any kind of deal - like this one.

Thanks for the info; I need to buy one of these, but haven’t been able to figure out what’s the best buy and most powerful. Glad I didn’t waste my time & money on this one.

I never heard of Ollies before, so don’t know if your comment applies to the other 47 states.

Personally I still prefer the more traditional rolling shop vacs. They are slightly cheaper than the wall mounted version here and have the added advantage that you can take them around the house to clean up other spills. (i.e. when my washing machine decided to flood the laundry room) had it for $119.99, but don’t sell it now:

Woot’s previous price was also $99.99 June 29 with lots of comments (I’ll let CowboyDann repost his if he wants):

I bought this last time around. It shipped really quickly, and set-up was super easy. I. Love. This. Vacuum. Having been through the cheap Shop-Vac from the big box store (which lasted a couple uses before it broke, and wasn’t very good) and a heavier-duty wet/dry vac (which I was pleased with, however it was clunky and loud and I imagine had I not gotten it at a pawn shop, expensive); I must say this beats all the garage vacs I have had experience with.
I love that it is mounted on the wall, the hose is super long and flexible, and the attachments are a-plenty, and useful. So far, so good.
Obviously, this vacuum isn’t going to be right for everyone. If you have an Ollie’s (whatever that place is), obviously buy it there if it is a better deal like that one person says. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that most people DON’T have an Ollie’s, or know what one is. I haven’t seen any vacuums similar to this at any of my local hardware stores.
If you are very active in wood-working and other messy crafts, maybe you will want to stick with a traditional wet/dry vac. For me, and other people with general garage and vehicle cleaning duty, this is a great purchase. I actually like cleaning the cars now.

Good. I’ll bring my car by tomorrow.

I have to say, this may be my favorite Woot purchase ever! Haven’t even tried to mount it on a wall or get it near my garage, but it’s been fabulous for cleaning all the nooks and crannies that my Dyson has trouble with. Well worth the price!

I believe that a four gallon tank would fit a liver with plenty of room for, say, lungs and a spleen.

Anyone know if this can be plumbed to use as a shop-vac system?

Like adding pipes to bring the suction to where you have machinery like table saws, drill press, grinder, etc for dust collection.

This thing SUCKS, but it’s a vacuum, so it is kind of supposed to :slight_smile: Bought this last time and my mom is buying it for my dad this time. It is absolutely amazing. The 32ft hose is a godsend. It can reach all the nooks and crannies in my truck when parked in the driveway. Haven’t had a need to use the wetvac portion, but the dryvac is pretty epic. It cleaned up potting soil, my truck, spiderwebs, drywall and legos without so much as a hiccup. Easy to install (took about 15 minutes to mount, only because I had to change the battery in my studfinder). I have even used it downstairs in my house when I didn’t feel like lugging down vacuum from upstairs.

The only recommendation I could make to Bissel is for a wall piece to hang the accessories. The bag can be a tad cumbersome to store. It would be a lot easier to just pop them on the wall and know where they were without a hassle.

I notice in both the 1st and 3rd picture, it shows the “Turbo Brush” tool, (Small, bulbous looking tool with the red visible under the clear plastic bits,) but in the list of included items this is NOT listed.

So, what do? Is everything pictured included or not?

Just to be sure, I’ve sent an email to the buyer to double check. We should have an answer posted in a couple hours.

Or perhaps a Wooter can answer in the meantime.

**UPDATE: the buyer confirms that the TurboBrush is included. **

I bought this last time it was on here and I’ve been using it pretty heavily. Work great and with the long hose I can keep it on the wall while vacuuming cars, corners of the garage and anything else.

Bought on the last time there were around. Great vacuum. The hose is long enough to cover the entire the 2 car garage.

Can anyone provide the dimensions of the cannister? Need to know how far it extends from the wall.

The bracket itself from wall to back of canister is approximately 4.5". The total from wall to front of the canister is around 16".

I bought this last time it was here. Very easy to setup and works great. I mounted mine right between the big door and small door, so it close to being in the middle of the garage. There was no power there, so I tacked the cord up the wall (added a short extension) to the outlet in the ceiling for the garage door opener. Works perfectly! Love the long hose. It reaches to every corner of the garage.

Sorry guys, needed to delete the uhm, troll comment and the other posts didn’t make sense after that. But please, feel free to post about what you find. We know wooters are smart shoppers.

In for one. I’m thinking a bit of pegboard will work for organizing the accessories.

And no, I won’t buy this locally to save a buck. I’d rather give my money to Woot and have my Brown Santa deliver it to me.