Bissell PowerClean Rewind Vacuum

Grr I hate these things, I had one at home and work has one. They work great at first but the whole thing gets run through a tiny filter at the bottom (See that bottom compartment) that likes to get clogged up pretty quick. And its absolutely disgusting when you clean it out (which you have to do religiously if you want to keep your suction). I have since gone back to bags and I havnt ever looked back. I now use one of the Eureka 4870 series vacuums and it is awesome sauce.

Here is one on amazon

You get the cloth bags for these and they never loose suction.

EDIT: I didnt have the auto rewind one… So I cant vouch for how long that lasts.

Here is the bissell website 52 reviews over there.

The USA website doesn’t have a working manual so here it is from canada

edited, please red below: I was given this as a gift two weeks ago when I moved into a new house and have to say it SUCKS, in a good way! I was SHOCKED at how much dirt it picked up! I had a roomba go over the floors the day before than ran this and the canister was nasty, a lot of dirt! I have used it on my carpet and also my linoleum. I would not use it on my Pergo though because it is heavy and has such suction I would fear the weight and wheels harming the Pergo. When you vacuum the linoleum, it literally pulls it up and you can feel the boards under your feet! My mother who bought it for me bought it for around a hundred bucks and that was the cheapest she found it at the time. Besides working really well I love the fact it has a light as well. My only cons are it is really loud! It hurt my ears. The other is it is heavy and not small. If you have room to store it, you are fine. How it performs is amazing! I LOVE this thing! :slight_smile:

I did not catch the model like the other commenter did, good catch! This is the one I have:

I’m in the market for a vacuum. My folks were happy with the Rewind they had. However, there are a lot of different Rewind models. The reviews for this exact model, the 18M9-V, on Amazon are horrible. Granted there are only two of them. Amazon review

I don’t know about this one. Maybe I’ll keep looking.

Yes, but it is also the exact same model as the link below which has good reviews. Look at the first poster’s comment about the manual. Click on that and you will see they are the same. I think this model’s reviews just happened to get 2 bad ppl on board.

LOL, comparing this to a roomba? Roomba doesn’t vacuum dirt off rugs, it sweeps it up.

Also, being heavy is not necessarily an advantage, it could just mean it uses heavy low tech motor and/or weak plastic, requiring it to be pretty thick.

grumbles I wish my Dyson had a retractable 25ft cord.

Might want to read my comment again. I was not comparing it to a roomba, just stating I used a roomba the day before, I had no vacuum at the time.

Also, I did not say being heavy was a good thing. I said I would not use it on my Pergo because it is heavy and also since it was heavy, that was also a con for me.

I noticed mine is a different model but still a Bissell rewind and I love mine.

To clean the filter use the vacuum. Seriously.

Remove all filters from the vacuum, and take it outside. Point the exhaust somewhere where you don’t mind dust, then vacuum the various parts of the vacuum using its own hose. Then vacuum all the filters (from the dirty side!) to remove the dust.

Make certain to only vacuum dust! Anything larger could damage the motor.

You may need to reinstall the filter holders sans filters to seal the vacuum while you do this.

If you have two vacuums you can let them groom each other, but it’s possible with just one.

Retractable cords are awesome.

I owned one of these, it was fantastic! As long as it has the 12 Volt motor your good to go.It did a amazing job on my house FULL of dog hair for 3 years. Then died when it dropped in a freak accident.

I was so in love with this thing I almost bought two.It truly had suction action like I have never seen before except on my giant Wet/Dry vac.

I seriously LOL’d when I read “let them groom each other”!! But seriously, good idea on using itself to clean it.

It got decent reviews at

It says it is a pet model there, and a different color, but the model number matches and it looks the same otherwise.

The second review wasn’t bad, but the first was truly horrible. All caps, atrocious spelling, non-existent grammar. Gripes against the seller (apparently an Amazon shop), but no seller ID. And it was for a used unit, not new. (To quote the reviewer, “THIS COMPANY I RECOMEND YOU DO NOT BUY FRHAD BROKEN PRONGS N THE OM THIS WAS LISTED AS LIKE NEW !!! NO LIKE TRASH IS MORE ADDIQUATE”).

It was a pleasure to click on the “not helpful” option.

Edit: they changed the review order after I down voted it; I’m referring to the first and second ones by date order.

One on Amazon for $59, with a one star rating…I’ll pass. I have a Bissell now and have plans to replace it very soon.

i found the same one curb side and decided to give it a shot. got home plugged in and it worked. i continued to take it apart from top to bottom and cleaned washing all dirt off with water being cautious of electronics. when done i had me a great vacuum. The bottom filter is an issue because it works so well and lifts so much dust but if you want to keep your carpets clean then you gotta keep the filters clean…great price but nothing beats finding it curb side!

Does anyone know how the vacuum works in conjunction with the Hose attachment. My current vacuum sucks everything through the hose regardless if your vacuuming rugs or not. Therefore eventually I get big hairballs in the hose which i have to dissemble and use a broomstick to clean. If just cleaning the filter was the issue on this I’ll buy it.

The $59 one is used, not new - and half of the (2) reviews are worthless.

never collected a hair ball in mine but normally that only happens if something got stuck in there to begin with. or your not cleaning the dirt compartment and allowing to back up into hose. other than that a maybe a design flaw but i’ve never seen it happen.