Bissell PowerClean Rewind Vacuum

Only 2 reviews on amazon and both are bad.

Few comments when it was a woot side deal at $69, basically same price:

I can’t find the exact model at Bissell, this is almost the same model # that’s closest, manual-wise:

edit:more previous sales, more comments at this regular home woot:

and the one before that: $69.99

Good night.

Bought this vacuum last time on woot. I have used it a few times and it sure does suck. No issues thus far, the retractable cord is awesome. Just push a button and it retracts. I bought this to replace another bissell that worked well for 7 years. I originally found it in the alley and replaced the belt, it worked great for 7 years. Started making a funny noise I couldn’t repair so I got this one as a replacement. As a bonus, I had an extra belt that fits the new vac.

Also purchased this last time it was Woot!. Girlfriend loves it a bunch, replaced a three year old bagless Hoover that would have been more money to repair it than to replace it. She’s a bit of a nut about washing the filter every time we use it. Picks up plenty of dirt and dust with relative ease. So short term seems to work fine.

Once the HEPA filter on any of my new Bissell vacs fill, I just toss it and don’t replace it. Seems to put undue stress on the motor.

Totally agree. I would rather put undue stress on my respiratory system. Once my lungs clog up, I just toss them.

Suck good or suck bad :stuck_out_tongue:

The wife and I bought a very similar vacuum at Target earlier this summer. Our old vac was awful and we needed one. The only difference I can see is that ours has a “Clean Indicator Light” that uses lights to tell when the carpet is clean and changes from red to green. Anyways, it’s a great vac. Picked up all kinds of stuff the old one left behind. The retract feature is great and can even unplug it for you if you let it. Onboard tools work well, other than the powered brush. It only works on airpower and didn’t work well for me. Overall, I’d recommend it highly for the price.

I bought one of these last woot-go as well. I’ve only needed to use it twice since them but it has performed superbly both times, and the retractible cord is great. The first time I vacuumed with it, the entire canister was full and my apartment didn’t seem very dirty by appearances. So, it works well.

Is the hose extendable? This specific model does no appear to have one, but the newer models do: PowerClean Rewind Bagless Vacuum

Edit: After sifting through the manual (which was oddly inaccesible on Google Chrome for me), and the product listing on Bissell’s website, I am fairly confident that the hose is indeed extendable on all the various models. I went ahead and purchased one; hopefully I will not be disappointed…

Also, here is the product listing on Bissell’s website:

Note how the listing encompasses multiple models. Apparently, the various flashy features, such as the clean carpet sensor, are only available on “select models.” Bissell is, unfortunately, mute on which models those are, and how to order such a model. If I had to guess, this particular model on w00t will likely not have most of the flashy features.

Edit 2: The hose is extendable, but it is kind of tight. You can easily pull the vacuum over when using the hose. Not a very good design, but can be mitigated by placing the vacuum next to a heavy object before using the hose.

This model also does not have the carpet sensor.

Otherwise, I was very pleased with its performance after the first couple of uses. It is not that loud, and it cleans very well. It is also fairly maneuverable.

I bought it on woot a few weeks ago. It’s hard for me to judge its lasting power as I’ve only used it a few times and have not tried any of the attachments.

I don’t have any pets, I’d say it’s more powerful than necessary for someone who only has to do light cleaning (not that this is a bad thing). All of the filters are easily accessible for cleaning or replacement. The retractable cord is very nice. The only complaint I have so far is that it is quite a bit louder than the average vacuum cleaner.

If you’re already in the market for a vacuum and you don’t want to pay the money for a top-of-the-line model, I’d say this isn’t a poor choice.

Also bought one of these during the last offering. It works great and is much quieter than I had expected. Definitely worth $75

I have 3 small kids and they are very messy sometimes, I don’t worry anymore.

I also bought this last time and it’s much better than my previous Eureka, it keeps cleaning and removing stuff every time I use it, it’s perfect for me.

So I have used this vacuum 4 times since I bought it and it broke down and needed repairs the 2nd and 4th time. The repairs were ofcourse common items so not covered by warranty. Common must stand for starts out broken because under normal operation I would expect belts and brushes to last I dont know atleast 50-100 uses not 2 and 4. I would not suggest anyone buy this.

I used this vacuum twice then it broke. I had it repaired of course it was a belt and was not under the warranty. I used it after having it repaired and the brush melted during use. If you read this and still want one lol have fun!