BISSELL ProHeat 2X Pet Deluxe Carpet Cleaner

BISSELL ProHeat 2X Pet Deluxe Carpet Cleaner

Can someone give me a practical understanding of the difference between this and the other pet carpet cleaner? I can’t figure out which one would be better for my home and what the advantage is of one over the other. Thanks!

I think this is them?

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This is seriously pretty weird. As someone who has owned a carpet cleaner (of a different brand) which did not heat the water, I consider this a really important feature.

The specs listing on this page for the 2007p specifically states that this product does NOT include a heater (though it does include “Heatwave technology” …?!) :

However I have from other sources that the “ProHeat 2X” branding does mean a heater is included.

What’s somewhat infuriating is that the manual linked in this listing doesn’t mention it at all.

Can anyone confirm – does this particular model (2007p) heat the water or not?

Hi there. we got in touch with the vendor:

According to Bissell’s website, this model does not come with a heater, just HeatWave technology. HeatWave Technology helps maintain constant water temperature throughout the cleaning process. This will not raise the temperature of the water but if you start by filling your tank with hot water then it will maintain the temperature and keep it from cooling down.

@jschaffhauser this one has 2 reservoirs, 1 for clean water and 1 for dirty water, i think the other one has the 1 reservoir with the bladder. NEVER GET ONE WITH THE BLADDER!!! Spend the little extra and always get the ones with the 2 reservoirs.