Bissell Rewind CleanView Pet Vacuum

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I don’t always vacuum my pets, but when I do…

In the middle of the pack over at Consumer Reports.

Highest rating 69; Lowest 30. This vacuum 48.

All OK except emissions. They recommend adding a catalytic converter.

No specific feedback for this model, but I can tell you we just trashed our bissel for the Hoover Whole House Elite.

After spending a lot of time going back and forth over the same area, I’m glad to have the new one.

I’ll just leave this here. Feel free to admire my MSpaint skills.

Googling this, it keeps bringing me to an Amazon listing for a different model.

However, this one seems to be a refurb of a vacuum with the same name, but sold as a “Walmart exclusive” for about $90 MSRP.

Are these the same vacuums, or am I missing something? I’m concerned about this being a “special” model made just for Walmart with a lot of features/quality removed to lower the cost fifty bucks.

Here it is on Bissell

The different color could be a special make for another retailer. The X suffix could denote that or factory reconditioned.

What? 15 * FOOT * cleaning path width! Forget those lousy bills and responsibilities, sign me up for this rad vaccum!

It’s like the Zamboni of vacuums!

Listen up woot’s this is something that has needed to be said for a while. WHY is it you people keep buying those Dyson vacuums? Yes, at one point they were advanced technology(and you love the British accent admit it) but that was 7 years ago and they still make’em…the same. Sure they are okay but in those 7 years all other vacuum companies reverse engineered them and made them BETTER! Why are so many of them offered here on woot as refurbs? WHY??? STOP THE MADNESS TODAY. KNOCK IT OFF!

Seriously, I have a pet Dyson I bought not so long ago…it worked ok. One day my crappy second vacuum that I use in the garage needed replacing and so I bought this vacuum or something VERY similar and it worked so much better I put the dyson in the garage and this is my main vacuum. That extra extension it comes with is so powerful for cleaning the furniture. The suction on this vaccum is better then Heidi Fleiss on her prime. It is THAT good. Joking aside. Save a few hundred bucks from buying a dyson and get this vacuum. You will love it. You’re welcome in advance.