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Bissell SpotBot Pet Deep Cleaner
Price: $69.99
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I would recommend it - it works well when my puppy still has an accident

Pretty good reviews (4.3 out of 5.0) over at amazon and TONS of good reviews (4.2 out of 5.0) over at

I LOVE my spotbot. Although I DO use the hose upon occasion, I mainly use this for spots, spills, pet accidents, etc. You simply fill with soap/water solution, place over the spot and press the button. The spotbot does all of the work and gets deep down stains cleans very well. It is so easy to use that even if I need to clean a larger area, I just move it around after each cycle to accomplish what I need.

I got one the last time around and have used it numerous times as we’ve been potty training a 2yr old. It works great to clean up those accidents.

my neighbor has one and he uses it all the time. we have borrowed it in the past for the pet accident here and there and it works great. imo its not as good as the rug doctor we bought but it does a really good job. one note though is his had to replaced twice so far in the time he has owned it. the suction pump stopped sucking water from the carpet.

I am torn. I have owned 2 of these in the past - and both of them, if you dont use them that much - they get clogged where the cleaning water feeds the hand tool. So essentially it stops pumping water to the stain. It works in every other way still. The first one I took to a vaccuum shop -and it cost almost as much to unclog as a new one cost. Then I bought a new one years later and that one is now clogged the same way. So either you have to completely empty the soapy water EVERY TIME or you have to use it regularly. I tried to unclog myself and its a HUGE job to take it apart and access the right spot - its really hard to get to.

So I wonder if they have worked out this problem with this newer one.

I have had one for years, looks different than this model a bit. I never have had a problem with it.

I have had this model as well as a previous model (proheat). I initially had an overwhelming love for these units as they did such an awesome job. However, that love was short-lived… After a number of months, the first model started leaking from deep inside the body of the unit. My second one stopped shooting water out.

In both cases, I contacted Bissel support. However, by the time they finally responded, went through the useless troubleshooting steps (are you sure you pressed the hose button?), got referred to a local repair shop, got a diagnosis, the item went out of warranty or the fix was because I “must have put something other than the original solution in it”.

These two tries simply didn’t last long. I have recently got a Rug Doctor Portable unit and the build quality seems much better. I am sure it will last longer than these failure-prone units.

That is the same problem I am talking about - it stops shooting out water if you dont use it for a long while. I had the same problem with their help - basically they wouldn’t.

For the record - I still use mine - but I wont pay to have it fixed again. I just use hot water with some of the solution and I apply it separately with a wet sponge - then use this to scrub it and suck it back up.

Hmm I’m wondering would straight white vinegar instead of the soap mixture work well in this?

I ask because when I borrow my parents steam cleaner they tell me to use vinegar in it instead of the soap they make, because its cheaper and cleans a lot better on the carpets. Also there’s no sticky soap residue when you’re done as well.

I have three cats, potty training a 2 year old, and will be potty training another within a year, might be time we had a spot cleaner.

Works great even for set in, won’t come out stains. GREAT PRICE, Set it and it automatically removes stains

I almost bought this to replace mine that is clogged, but I think I just need to get out my tools and fix mine. Just know that you will need to completely rinse out the system every single time you use it or it will get cloggged. Other than that, it works very well and you will have the cleanest 8" circles ever. Use the hose to blend out the circles if needed.

I bought one of these about a year ago from Target. It looks really cool and it goes through its clean, extract and rinse cycles just like it says it should…but the only issue for me was, it didn’t actually remove any spots or stains! It also didn’t have very powerful suction to remove all the shampoo so it left a nice big wet spot everywhere I used it.

So…while the idea of the machine is great - set it down, turn it on and let it do its thing - the actual end result was poor, at least for me.

Great, when it works. For mine, the water pump died after 13 months, and we had only used it about 10 times. (It seems that pump failure is really common on these units - a lot of discussion about it online and even replacement instruction videos). I bought a pump on Amazon, and was good to go when I noticed it also has a hole in the vacuum hose between the ‘spring’ ribs in the hose. Now I have something that I hardly used with a new pump and electrical tape making a seal on the vacuum hose. Nice.

For the price I paid, it came out to about $10/cleaning. With the pump replacement I’m up to $12/cleaning. I am afraid to use it more often…

I should note, I bought mine new (not refurb) directly from Bissell.

I bought one of these many years ago. It is still perfect for pet and food accidents, and works really well. When I encounter a stubborn stain, I just hit it again. The unit is very durable and rugged as well. This is a gadget that really does what the manufacturer claims.