Bissell SpotBot Pet Deep Cleaner

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Bissell SpotBot Pet Deep Cleaner
Price: $69.99
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And there it is yet again. Many appearances during same woot-off?? And there’s just one example of how/why woot! has fallen so far.

How large a pet can fit inside to deep clean?

Got this probably 6 months ago during another Woot-Off, and haven’t been happy with it. Not only does it leave a huge circle in your carpet over the spot you’ve selected, it also discolored the spot. Had a Bissell Compact Green Machine for years that never did this. My advice is to steer clear. I won’t use ours again and wish I could return it.

Thanks, I was wondering if that would happen. Appreciate the review.

There’s a pretty limited market for deep cleaners to begin with, an even smaller one for deep cleaners intended for only spot cleaning.

Nobody wants this, woot. Dump your stock at the nearest thrift store.

You have to run a complete water only after it cleans the spot.This will help to take the circle that was just cleaned away BUT if the rest of your carpet needs cleaned it will show it.

First off you should only use maybe an 8th of the amount of cleaning fluid Bissell recommends, and NEVER use the oxygenator supplement unless you have to remove tar or something - it leaves yellow circular stains that don’t go away.

Obviously if you use the SpotBot on a carpet that is largely dirty you will leave clean circles. You want a whole-carpet shampooer for that kind of situation (they can be rented around here), the SpotBot would be the wrong solution.

This worked well for us for about a year, cleaning up pet boo-boos and occasional spills - much better and more conveniently than hand scrubbing, no odors afterward (except shampoo odor, depending on how much was used.) However we now have a problem that the SpotBot doesn’t suck up all the dirty water afterwards. This was apparently partly carpet fluff caught in the suction head, but also the dog has bitten the hose full of holes - he hates the SpotBot!