Bissell SpotBot Pet Deep Cleaner

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Bissell SpotBot Pet Deep Cleaner
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Pretty good reviews (4.2 out of 5.0) over at amazon and check out this handy stain removal guide

I have had one and they really do a good job. Unfortunately, lost it in the divorce, so am looking for another one as I ended up with the majority of the pets, just not the necessary cleaning equipment. Oh well, such is life.

I have two dogs now, one just emerging from puppyhood. This thing is a lifesaver. I would recommend it to anyone with pets. It isn’t for huge jobs and I usually have to run it a couple time for a German Shepherd size mess, but It really gets things clean. I highly recommend it.

Bought a similar model a few weeks back and wanted to give a heads-up from my experience: these things are GREAT for stain removal and pet accidents, etc. but if you’re looking for something as a general furniture/carpet cleaner, it’s not very good for that role. It took almost the entire day for the water remaining on the couch to dry, and the water tanks needed to be emptied/refilled 3 or 4 times to get the entire couch.

Either way, just be warned that even with a spot cleaning, you’re looking at a lot of drying time.

Bought one of these new last spring - does a great job at spot cleaning. Easy to use, quick to get out & set up, easy clean up. If you have been thinking about this item, but it now - great price.

We bought one of these when we got our new pup and loved it. It’s good at doing the scrubbing needed to get out pet stains of all kinds and colors. We tried to use a general carpet cleaner in it with very bad results (I used rug doctor cleaner instead of bissell spotbot cleaner).

Reading the name (spotbot) I shouldn’t have to say this but I would not recommend this for large jobs like whole carpets of furniture cleaning. However, it works great for pets and also for vehicles carpets, mats and some seats.

Takes out most all spots that are “organic” in nature…

Much more than a pet cleaner…

Takes out almost every spot in upholstery or carpet with the “Bissell” solution…

Spray it on…Wait 5 minutes…Scrub with machine off…Put a little more solution on…Wait 2 minutes…Run it…Scrub and suck it up until you are happy…and you will be…

Best price I have found for the solution is at Sears or Kmart…around $8…around $15 at Walmart…

A lot of these Kmarts and Sears have this solution under-priced…I have like 5 bottles in the storage area…

Was just looking at this recently, due to a deal at Amazon. I’m too cheap to buy at $120, but at this price I’m very tempted.

Told the wife about it and she said I had to purchase one otherwise I’d get punched.

In for 1!

I have one and it leaks. If I had a method of easily fixing the leak I might buy a second one and fix the first one and always have one in backup.

I bought one of these last time it was on Woot. Great purchase. This thing works great at taking up every stain you can think of. I use the handheld peice to clean my stairs.

We got one at full price a few years ago, and it worked great. We were very happy with it, but apparently it’s quite sensitive to being left with fluid in it (on either the clean or dirty side). We weren’t always the most prompt about emptying it, and now ours leaks, so we can’t use it. I think we’ll pick this one up and be more careful this time about always emptying it when it’s done.

I have one of these. It is pretty cool and does a good job…sometimes too good.
Word of warning: If your carpet has not been cleaned recently, you risk perfectly clean little crop circles on your floor with this gadget.
So with a white or off-white Carpet, you may end up renting a Rug Doctor and doing the rest of the room as well. The crop circles are much more distracting than a small stain…but less gross. Your call.

Knowing this, I still bought one and do not regret the decision.

This does a great job cleaning even without the solution. I pick up hairballs from the carpet several times a month with just water.

Just a repeat of the general praise of this cleaner after purchasing one earlier in the year.

I had a number of old stains, years old, and mostly pet but some other liquids (including cranberry juice). Almost all of disappeared after the first treatment. I watched the carpet for several weeks, and a few did return, but were resolved the second time

The machine is very easy to use, consisting almost entirely of changing out cleaning solution or dirty water tanks, placing over the intended spot, and pressing a button.

Well worth the money.

Got one of these a year ago and I love it.

+Works fine with 2x Concentrated rug cleaner of just about any type. The Bissell stuff does work a bit better though.

+Cleans the hell out of spots as advertised. I’ve gotten spots out of my carpet that I was sure I’d just have to live with.

+Easy to use.

+Good for other smaller jobs like carpeted stairs and so on.

-Full up this thing can clean like…3-4 “Set-in Stains” before needing dumped out. This thing is JUST for spots and nothing else.

-The hand tool you attach to the hose had its plastic top come off and I had to epoxy it back on to use it. This was with no jostling or rough handling…it just kinda fell off one day.

-This is the big one: if your carpets haven’t been deep-cleaned in a while this thing will leave very bright, clean circles in them. Deep clean your carpets first before you start pulling this out for spots or your carpet will end up polka-dotted.