Bissell Steam Shot Hard Surface Cleaner

Possible to use for small carpet spots?


A 16 ft cord is pretty impressive. You probably won’t have a hard time reaching the car from a garage outlet.

$39.99 on amazon. I think I am in for this one!

We had a similar steam cleaner. We made the mistake of using regular tap water (as opposed to distilled). The minerals in the tap water left a white residue that eventually gummed it up, rendering it useless.

My other gripe: It takes a few minutes to heat up the water. I used to use ours to clean the shower stall. I would have to fill it 3 or 4 times to do the full shower stall. Because of the delay heating the water, it added on another 15-20 minutes to the total cleaning time.

Wife has been bugging me to clean the bathroom.

Might as well make it FUN.

In for one.

Video One of them says tap water works?

Video over at HSN Woot Info Post
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Bissell Steam Shot Hard Surface Cleaner [New] - $22.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Bissell 39N72 Steam Shot Power Shot Hard Surface Cleaner

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This thing is steam as in 100° not just hot water, right? I don’t think my carpet “steam” cleaner does real steam.

What about hardwood floors? Will I dissolve mine?

Similar if not identical product on Amazon:

only 2 relevant reviews, biggest drawback seems to be the time it takes to heat up and then cool off.

What would you consider the main use for this around the house? I am tempted to get one but I am having a brain fart what I would use it for. I am thinking carpets and that is it.

Bissell 39N72 Steam Shot Power Hard Surface Cleaner-Check the model @…Amazon. The one at Amazon is 39N71. It is rated at 1000 watts where this one is only rated at 500 watts. The reservoir capacity is also larger on model 39N71 @ Amazon.

$20 at BigLots, and if you overpaid for this item try letting off some steam.

Steam cleaners like this are mostly for hard surfaces, hence the name. They are good for cleaning hard to reach spots like around faucets, grout lines, inside corners. They also disinfect to a point (i.e. anything killed instantly by the heat that steam delivers). To answer someone elses question as well, unlike carpet “steam cleaners” these actually create steam by heating the water and do not have an extractor. This means that you do usually have to wipe up the excess water that remains when the steam cools. There are mixed reviews about these cheap steam cleaners in general, but at this price for a brand name I don’t think I can resist.

It’s for hard surfaces - maybe your driveway, the shower walls, tile floors.

Check the manufactures site before using it on a carpet.

Anyone have any personal experiences on how good this thing really is? Will it get really baked on junk off my stove tops that ive tried to scrub with everything i can think of and can’t get off? Also how far does the 5 oz tank get you?

I’m getting one so i can properly clean my propane bbq grill.

Plus anything else that’s a hard surface obviously, fridge, sink, walls, shower, car rims, etc.