Bissell Steam Shot Hard Surface Cleaner

Product website-maybe, I’m double checking:

I have one of these, works great! Only fault I can find is the small water capacity. Warm up time isn’t all that bad and comes loaded with accessories.

This will make short work of a bachelor pad bathroom clean-up!



youtube video:

Here’s the manual

Picked up one of these about a year ago for just about the same price.

I use it maybe three or four times a month and its still functioning just fine. Its really nothing special, but handy for getting random messes in areas that you cant really apply cleaner/damaging chemicals. Great for cleaning up bird poop too for anyone with non cage kept birds :smiley:

Im no expert on steam cleaners, but it definitely doesn’t impress me with its super steam powers. All the attachments are nice and I do love the squeegee for mirrors. Usually I can do everything I need to with only filling once every time I use it. Its not the fastest (dunno exact times) to heat up after its out of steam, but if you clean something, set it down and do something else for a couple min, and it will be ready to go again. Its by no means slow though!

Essentially its a handy tool to have, but if you already have a functioning steam cleaner this one is nothing special/new.

Just noticed it doesnt come with the squeegee window attachment, flat scrapper tool, or microfiber steam cloth attachment (which are the only 3 things that I think make this steamer handy) so that would be a HUGE deal breaker for me. The little scrub brushes arent that great and unless you have a lot of crevices to clean the pointy nozzle isnt going to get you far :confused:

I can’t find the 39N7-8, but NightGhost pointed to the 39N7-A, which is the product page model I listed above, and looks like the one being sold. Will keep looking for the 39N7-8 (moderator, help please on the model and whether these match). If you don’t want to go back up for the product page, I’ll repost here:

Here’s some more videos:




I was going to pull the trigger on this, but then I noticed the attachments that are NOT included. Amazon’s selling it for 39 something… I’ll froogle it as well. I guess it depends on how important those attachments are but I really want the squeegee attachment.

I have one, love it. I was impressed by the rapid heat up time; we have a large one that takes 15 minutes to heat so the 3 or 4 minutes is great. And it stores in a little place! Yeah, the missing attachments are too bad, but it’ll still clean and steam out linen fabrics in minutes. I’m calling clients to see if they want me to pick these up for them.

Can you (or my wife) straighten your (her) hair with this device?..

You have to give us, at least, the tertiary title…

Will wait for some more comments/reviews but like the idea and it’s not a refurb Shark so has to be better than previous steam cleaners sold on Woot.

parts for 39N7A

So it looks like you can’t buy the fabric steamer tool from their website (based on page 6 of the manual). This item is useless :frowning:

Looks like the Amazon listing is 1000 watts and Woot’s is 500 watts?

I’m gonna wait for the Shark…

I am in the market for a steam cleaner…but 500 watts is not very much. Most of the handheld cleaners have 900-1200 watts of power, some even 1500+. Personally, I’d prefer to spend another $25 and get a higher powered steamer.

Any idea if this will be effective at steaming clothing without the specific cloths steaming attachment?