Bissell Steam Shot Hard Surface Cleaner

Have one, doesn’t work for carp… but buy 3

Have one, doesn’t work for carp… but buy 3

I guess it doesn’t clean after double posts, either?

Why are you trying to steam carp again?

I have one - works great for a few minutes until you have to refill it.

I hate to discourage the progress of the Woot Off, but my wife bought one of these and absolutely hates it. She wanted to clean grout with it and had no success. She wanted to clean the shower with it and was extremely frustrated. Etc., etc., etc. until I had to soothe her to sleep with a glass of wine and candle-surrounded bubble bath.

I agree…you could always use the hot steam to make one of those fancy smancy coffee drinks. :slight_smile:

Orly? This thing SHOULD suck, but it doesn’t. “Nuff said.”

Reminds me of maws old tea kettle…aaawww the memories.


This appliance gave a great comedic performance in Beauty and the Beast.

seriously…all the cool shiz goes away with 1 woot…and the crap stays for at least an hour…

a hand held garment steamer.

Would buy if it was the version that included all attachments. The increased cost to buy the attachments separately more than negates the bargain for this version.

haven’t found a good use for this thing yet. great christmas gift to give though, they won’t feel guilty about throwing it away.

I have to unfortunately agree with the post above - I have one, and it doesn’t work so well.

Have one. works great!

…and we were doing so well!!!

Nope. Note the scrubbing brushes.