Bissell Symphony Vac + Steam Mop

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Bissell Symphony Vac + Steam Mop
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I bought one of these from the sale here: and I’m quite pleased.

It’s a lot lighter and easier to use than my heavy duty convertible hard/carpet floor scrubber, and I found it to work at least as well on my hard floors, with no cleaning products to buy, and no need to pre-vacuum.

If your floors get as nasty as mine, don’t expect a single pass to take everything off, but loosen it and come back a minute later and it should only take a few passes. Of course, the heavy duty ‘pro’ scrubber with the spinny brushes and everything also takes a few passes…

If you do buy this, and your floors
get as nasty as mine, do expect to need a couple more cleaning pads so you can keep cleaning while waiting to clean the first.

It’s not super great as a vacuum IMO, but if you’ve got one of those messes that’s got too much wet to run a normal vacuum over and too much solid to just hit with a ‘regular’ steam cleaner, the vacuum mode is useful.

Can this be used on carpets?

Anything is possible but the manual refers to it as hard floor cleaner.

Sigh. I’m really sad. I would have bought this absolutely if I didn’t get a shark steam mop a week ago.

BTW. If you want to do this on carpet; the shark just uses a plastic plate around the mop head to use on carpet so I imagine you just need something to elevate this bissell steam head a quarter a inch and you are good to go. Bissell sells it for $10 for their model.

I would not suggest it on carpets generally. If you’ve got, say, dried on mud or worse, it might help break it up, but it won’t do much to remove it. The vacuum feature doesn’t have a beater brush or a height adjustment and would be both ineffective and very hard to move on carpet.

Does this “scrub” or is it just steam? I’ve tried so many different things for my hardwoods, but nothing seems to scrub. I’ve have steam mops and the Bissel Crosswave, but I can’t seem to find a mixture of the two. I want steam and something with either a srubber or a rotating head. My dog loves to drool, but it’s so thick and clings to the wood.

Woot has had some other steamers from Haan, but they had the wrong photo up of a discontinued scrubber steamer, so when I ordered it, I got a generic steamer that had to be sent back.

I just want something to scrub away grime while I steam! TIA.

It does not have any mechanical scrubbing action.

Some of the pads are ‘scrubbier’ than other pads (the listing suggests you’ll get a ‘gentle’ or ‘scrubby’ pad at random; I got scrubby).

But it’s still just a microfiber cloth pad with some texture to it, and any scrubbing comes from you moving it back and forth and pushing down; it’s a steam mop and you’re still mopping.

I also have which -does- have spinny scrubby action, but I don’t find it significantly better at cleaning my hard floors (laminate and hardwood) with that, plus setup and etc is way more of a hassle. (It’s great for carpet, though.)