Bissell Vac and Shine Wet & Dry Mop

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Bissell Vac and Shine Wet & Dry Mop
$19.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Good. Because sometimes when I’m disappointed, I vomit. This’ll be GREAT!

they really are done cleaning out the warehouse

I have lots of non carpeted floors, is this really worth it?

not bissell o crap

commmmmmeooooooooooon woot

I like to put bananas, strawberries and yogurt in this thing … it makes GREAT smoothies!

The retail is around 65$, but can be found for about $35. Looks like a good deal

I might just have to buy one of these to clean up the items from this woot-off!

Neat, I should buy this for my soon to be ex-wife. Maybe she will clean up after herself with her next spouse.

SO let meg get ONE thing straight… This works WET or DRY?! What a steal ladies and gentlemen but there is a limit to 3 each.


cordless= bad vacuum.

This will be good to mop up the rest of this woot off

looking for a Bright Orange Cadillac

Is this the ‘weakly’ W00T garage and flea market sale?

I’m starting to wonder if they are just going through employees closets to sell ANYTHING to spare time until the end of this thing.

No one likes to mop their floors

These are great, BUY THREE!

How well will this clean up large amounts of human blood? Will it work on the walls too?