Bissell Vac and Shine Wet & Dry Mop



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Bissell Vac and Shine Wet & Dry Mop
$17.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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I think I’m the only one awake. So tired I almost want to buy this mop…


You stay up for this carp?


I’m up, too. Thinking this might be a fun gag gift for the wife’s Christmas present. Then again, I could find myself on the couch.


Its always bettter than a mop to the face! HHAHAHAHA im so tired :frowning:


Still no bushel of chimichangas yet in this woot-a-thon? They are certainly mixing it up this time.


I’d love one of these for Christmas…lol, I’m one of the few wives that like cleaning and cooking gadgets to make my life easier…
What type of cleaning solutions can be used?


$29.99 at the mothership, Amazon!!!


Same here. And I found this over on Amazon in one of the reviews (pretty decent reviews, too):
“you can fill the tank with pretty much anything you feel comfortable cleaning your floors with - the Bissell fluid is very good though and smells wonderful.”

In for 1. :slight_smile:


Any kind that doesn’t need rinsing. It’s kinda heavy though and doesn’t push around smoothly. The vacuum works well though for light jobs,


This is a handy tool which we use a lot in the kitchen. It does a very good job on the tile. Much better than wet Swiffer because the pad thick, durable and washable. The liquid cleaner reservoir is big enough you don’t have to refill often at all and the vac part is surprisingly strong enough to suck up even small crumbs. I recommend with two thumbs up.