Bissell Versus Cordless Bare-Floor Vacuum

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Wonder how well this does with pet and human hair?

Ooh, this would be fantastic to keep near the table. Now my choices are the little dustpan (not anywhere near big enough to contain the mess created by my kids) and the vacuum (heavy, bulky and far away). This looks perfect! Gets good reviews on Amazon - 4/5 stars and much more expensive at $59!

The reviews on Amazon seem to indicate that it does well. One review even said “It’s a demon on cat hair” - sounds like it works!

This seems great with no bristles! I do shed a lot and have really long hair (bathroom floor needs to be swept at least once every other day, if not sooner) so I’m wondering, from experience, does this work well with lots of long human hair? (I’ve been told I shed like a damn cat) We currently use a vacuum hose attachment, so the hair doesn’t get stuck in the wheels & bristles & needs to be cut out once a month.

I think I “need” one to replace sweeping the kitchen after every meal and snack. This machine looks like a tiny slice of heaven. I must have one.

Edited to add: after some thought, I bought three. One because they eat in the kitchen, two because they eat on the wooden floor of the living room, and three in case I fall in love and one breaks. After all, it is three here for the price of one on amazon (… And welcome to how I justify such purchases in my brain).

But seriously, I think this will improve our quality of life a little. I am sick of stepping on crackers in the dark, or worse, today it was (previously frozen, smushed) raspberries. Bending over with a dustpan or hand vac just seems so yesterday.

Thank you, woot. Thank you.

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Quote from a review:

"What I DON’T like about it is that its awkward “V” design makes it really difficult to clean close to the walls. It’s impossible to run the vacuum perpendicular to the wall and have it pick up anything, but even when turning the head so it is parallel to the wall, it has trouble getting dirt or pet hair that lurks near the wall or in corners. "

Too bad because I really need to be able to vacuum up the hair and litter that tends to collect around the baseboards daily!

I wonder how well it works on tile?

How long does it take to get it fully charged to 20 minutes?

Seems like Bissel would really like to market their small-proportioned suction area as an “effective way tor larger debris to be guided into the cleaning path.” Riiiiiiiight… Sounds sketchy to me. No thanks, sorry.

AND! It’s not even refurb, oo-la-la

I just noticed this thing has a filter. How often do we have to change it and how much do they cost? All I could find are the $12 ones from B^3 but paying 60% of what the vac cost isn’t appealing to me.

A vacuum, not made by Dyson, is on Woot!? Which one of you divided by zero ? Was it you, Leakfrog?

As per the manual:

“The pleated filter cartridge should be replaced every six months or if suction is declining. More or less frequent replacing or cleaning may be required based on individual vacuuming habits and types of debris picked up.”

There is also a foam filter which is washable.

The manual can be found here:

Replacement filters and other parts can be found on the Bissell website.

Prices for replacement parts:

Pleated Filter $6.99
Foam Filter $2.99
Charger $11.99
Dirt Cup $8.99
Handle $16.99
Wiper $2.99

I’m not sure how much shipping is though.

I’m very tempted to buy one.

As per the manual:
“When charging for first time, allow
time to charge uninterrupted for at least 16
hours. Thereafter, charge at least 12 hours
to renew the cordless bare floor vacuum.”

Definitely not what it’s designed for, but I wonder how this would do on stairs?

I’m think this 3-in-1 that’s also by Bissell would be better. Walmart has it for less than $9 on Black Friday.

Does it fit around toilets?