BizHomart Storage Dresser Organizers: Your Choice

BizHomart Storage Dresser Organizers: Your Choice

BizHomart Fabric Dresser Storage Tower Organizer Unit for Bedroom, Living Room, Hallway, Closets, Nursery Sturdy Steel Frame, Wooden Top, 5 Drawers Wide, Light Gray/White

5 drawer tall

We purchased a set of these a few months ago from Woot, for an inexpensive remodel of our son’s old room and to give us extra seasonal storage.

Go in with the proper expectations that these aren’t high end, and follow the assembly instructions properly and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. They have a nice clean, sort of Scandinavian look to them.


Yup. Great dresser for small child. They can pull the drawers out easily to get to stuff. Lightweight, so not much concern for smashed fingers or falling over on the kid.

I picked up a 5 drawer tall one for storage in the office/guestroom. Can’t wait.

These aren’t bad at all for their price. I bought some of their same-factory siblings a year ago from the mothership.

Our master bedroom isn’t huge–if we tried to put full-depth dressers across from the foot of the bed, we’d barely be able to open the drawers (let alone walk through the room). So we ended up trying three of the taller units as the main “dressers,” one of the low wide one at the bottom of the closet (spare sheets/blankets and what not), and some nightstand versions (which I don’t see in this specific assortment, but they do exist).

They’ve held up just fine so far. The frames are solid; the drawers will wear out first, but haven’t yet from daily use.

That looks really nice

I’m confused how the 6 drawer states that it’s 38.19” long and the 5 drawer wide says 39.37” long. Seems like a much bigger difference in length, in the pictures. Can you confirm the length of the 6 drawer?

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I don’t own the 6 drawer, but it seems pretty obvious that the (unlabeled) H/W are just reversed between the two of them.

My BizHomart Storage Dresser Organizer Tale

Got package. Reviewed the instructions…
Not many screws…easy assembly.

Cat started picking up screws and running off with them. Not helpful, kitty! No spare parts. Got them all back.

Oh no. This part is bent. Pliers time! Hrngk! Straight…ish

Oh no. This part is chipped and rusted…

No black nail polish… only electrical tape I can find is white, green, or red… Sooo magic marker?

Yeah, looks great.

Nice. All done ready to move into room it belongs… Hey, wasn’t this supposed to be brown to match existing furniture?

Yeah. I ordered brown.

Woot sent me back and grey…

This is my life.


More tape.

Deleted because I’m an idiot.

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I think you reversed the two sides.

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I agree with, TT. Just swap the two end panels and should be good.

Write to CS and link them to these pics. Maybe they’ll have some “post build” options.

don’t agree. the bottom shelf is correct and the middle shelf is backwards.

edit: unless the middle shelf is tacked to the upright and the bottom is tacked to the bottom.

Except the top one is welded and the bottom one isn’t.


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That’s what my edit meant. You’re much better with the adding the boxes to the things than I. :smiley:

Snagit and I thank you.

Deleting because I’m an idiot.


LOL. We’ve all done something similar. We’re friends here.