Black & Decker 16" High Velocity Turbo Fan

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$40 at Walmart to $60 at Home Depot, not able to find any ratings about it though.

This is a great fan. I’m buying my second one from WOOT! today. Loved the first one so much… we live in Texas ya’ll, 'nuf said.

Been waiting on another vornado…is this comparable??

$38.88 on Amazon Prime.

No. This is much better.

What surprises me is how can someone who has already experienced the shortcomings of Vornado wait on another one…


Don’t y’all have AC in Texas? And Missouri is just as hot, thanks for the good review, in for one.

Can we please correct the cfm rating in the specs tab? Circulation of 26.5 cfm would put it in the same category as an opera fan.

Geez, I was about to post that I have a very similar one but it is a Vornado and works great! I’ve had it for years but had central A/C installed a few years ago so I only keep the Vornado in case of emergency. If I really needed another fan I wouldn’t hesitate to get another Vornado—although, based on comments here, I’d probably get this one since it’s right here today.

How can they call it high velocity when it only does 27 cfm? Even the cheap $20 fans do over 2000 cfm.

Good reviews/great price but make sure you know this is for the floor model (the picture shows the “non-floor” model.) But who wants it anyplace but ON the floor? It tilts up and you don’t have to move stuff around for placement on a table or bureau.

GOOD point!

Yeah, we took that out until we can get a correct number. Heh.

I don’t understand your reference about the photo. Our photo matches every other photo on the internet for that model number.

Home Depot also has this model rated the same:
Maximum air circulation (CFM) 26.5

I bought two the last woot, and love them. That covered the bedroom and the family room. Now I just need to cover the kitchen, guest bedroom, and living room. In for 3 more.