Black & Decker 18-Volt Cordless Trimmer/Sweeper Kit

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Black & Decker 18-Volt Cordless Trimmer/Sweeper Kit
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I own a Black and Decker string trimmer and a 22 inch hedge trimmer and this is my third season for both. I guess you would only be interested in learning about the string trimmer, so here is what you can reasonably expect…

FIRST SEASON: Performance was good and very satisfying. One charge on the battery gave me enough “juice” to do the trimming in the front and in the back. By the way, I kept the batteries indoors during the off season and charged them every 2 to 3 months during off season.

SECOND SEASON: Noticeable change in battery performance in the beginning of the second season. Very slowly, this got worse as the season progressed.

THIRD SEASON: This brings us up to date and age has really set in at the beginning of this, the third season. At this point in time, one battery charge will not finish half the job it did during the first season. I now have to borrow the hedge trimmer’s battery to complete the string trimming in front and back. At this rate, I will have to buy new batteries if I want to use these machines next season. At the current price of these batteries (they are the old technology NiCad batteries) I may give up on these machines and buy new stuff.

Hey guys- Buyer dropped a note saying he lowered the price to $69.99. If you already ordered, you’ll get a refund for the difference.

This is a good deal for the combo, even though it’s the older NiCad battery version. I got the 20v Lithium Ion version of this combo from the Mothership and am happy with it.

The string trimmer will go for about 15-20 minutes per charge which should be enough for most residential lots. The sweeper is pretty weak but is sufficient for clearing grass and leaves off concrete or other hard surfaces. There is not enough power to use this for leaf cleanups.

does it come with 1 battery or 2 ?

Cannot buy unless some magical minion states if this comes with charger/ability to charge the lone battery it comes with.

comes with 2 batteries and a charger. per the specs.

In the Box:

(1) NST2118 Trimmer/Edger
(1) NSW18 Sweeper
(2) HPB18-OPE 18V NiCad Battery
(1) Charger
(1) AF-100 Spool
(1) Guard

I have the string trimmer and “20V” Lithium version of the blower. I think they’re basically identical except for the battery mate. In my opinion, B&D should come out with an adapter kit to connect a lithium pack to the old 18V tools. I got the string trimmer on a very good deal (with two batteries, less expensive package than two batteries separately) but went with the “20V” Lithium system for the rest of my B&D cordless tools (Matrix drill, aforementioned blower, hedge trimmer). It would be nifty to have more interchangeable batteries/tools.

I bought these last year so am on the second season. Unlike above, I have yet to see any drop in battery power from either battery. In the winter I just kept both batteries housed in the blower/trimmer and then charged them both this spring.

Have a corner townhouse lot and these are PERFECT for a small yard. Blower works fine for grass and such, but as mentioned above, it’s less of a “leaf” blower. A windy day and you’ll be fighting to keep things blowing, but again, to clear my driveway, sidewalk, and patio it is perfect!

I purchased this combo from Woot last year, and here’s what I’ve experienced:

The blower, as mentioned, does NOT do leaves, and it doesn’t do heavy or wet/sticky stuff well. I have a couple of Mimosa trees and it does a so-so job on picking up the small leaf stems it drops because they’re sticky. If I wait until they’ve turned brown, or if I’m doing normal leaves or grass clippings, it does the job quickly and nicely.

The trimmer is convertible into an edger as well, and it does a great job of keeping my yard looking tidy and like it has been done by a professional lawn care company. I typically use a battery and a half (it comes with two batteries) with the trimmer/edger, and then finish out the rest of the second battery with the blower on my city lot quarter-acre home. If you’ve got a big yard, you’ll need to either buy a spare battery or do the front/back in separate sessions.

On both, I love the easy start (flip a switch or push a button). If you’re upgrading from a gas/pump prime, you’ll appreciate this too.

Bottom line, if you’ve got a small yard, these are perfect for the job at a fraction of the retail price.

Keep dreaming! Sure, it would be great to have interchangeable batteries/tools and “nifty” too. But have you never heard of planned obsolescence? This is the prime precept on which our modern economy is built.

Black and Decker tools have always died out on me quickly, or they just weren’t as powerful as the little bit more expensive brands.

I’ve got the trimmer, bought it direct from B&D on eBay. My main reason for buying it was to get two extra batteries for my drill for a price cheaper than a single new battery. The trimmer does well and my wife uses it quite a bit to touch up around the front steps and her flower garden. Don’t expect it to take care of thick grass and high weeds though, it just doesn’t have the power.

Perchance to dream… I don’t really have to hope for B&D to make one, I can make one myself. It’s not the same two devices, but there’s precedence, and I have the tools, I have the talent. :wink:

I’ve had bad luck with B & D rechargables. The batteries go down hill very quickly and they make lots of different models of the 18v battery so you have to be careful which one you buy. I got tired of replacing batteries and went with Green Works lithium ion and couldn’t be happier. Also these blowers suffer from a lack of power in my opinion. It says 120mph here…no way! The Green Works claims 120 mph and seems to blow at twice the velocity as my old B&D that I donated to my dumpster.

So why are you telling me…I’m not Black and Decker’s defender. I own a 18V (NiCad) string trimmer which is on its third season now and just about ready to die.

I’m impressed! Just when I thought I was talking to another doubting Nancy, I’m actually talking to this very talented guy with all these tools. One never knows.