BLACK & DECKER 20V MAX Lithium-Ion Drill Kit

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BLACK & DECKER 20V MAX Lithium-Ion Drill Kit
Price: $59.99
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Good price for the kit, although in my experience, single speed (e.g. no high-low range) drills are too slow for drilling and too fast for driving screws

700+ Reviews over at Amazon

Agree wholeheartedly. Driving screws especially, you’d want to use low speeds to get them started.
Amazon’s reviews reflect that this does not have sufficient torque for some projects. And not having a spare battery can be a downer (li batteries don’t give much notice when they’re going to need a recharge).

I’ve looked at this the last time it came up…getting it this time…not ideal, but worth the $.

I have bought four of these total and I love them. (One for work, one for home, one for my father and one for my father in law) The battery life is excellent even if they sit in a drawer for months at a time. I can usually use them for four of five jobs before having to recharge. Spare batteries are also pretty easy to find if you need them. All in all a very good drill. At this price with a tool kit, an excellent deal.

This is a variable speed drill/driver. Where did you get it was a single speed? This is a better link, I think the amazon one must be a newer model or something, they look different.

I have had this drill for home use and it works great. My last drill was a NiCad, and the lithium holds the charge longer. I just put together a mailbox post this weekend and this drove the 3" wood screws with no problem. Again, this is for home use and should be more than enough to handle most home projects.

The vast majority of cordless drills (including this one) are variable speed. The better ones have a means to switch from low range (0-300 rpm, say) and 0-1200 rpm. Switching to low range triples the torque applied to driving screws

True. It is not the same thing to say variable speed based on the amount of pressure you put on the trigger vice availability to switch from a higher torque low RPM to a lower torque but faster RPM.
I tend to use my drill/driver more to assemble or install hardware into stuff. I do drill holes sometimes to accommodate the hardware I’m installing but a drill without a low speed/high torque setting would not work for me.

By the way, the lowest price at Amazon, as shown on camelcamelcamel, is $62.99. Five times at this same price is probably lightning deals. Average price is $92.48 since November 2015

There’s a difference between a pressure sensitive clutch and a speed dial/toggle/control. Pretty much any drill will have the pressure sensitive clutch (except maybe some corded ones) but that’s not the same as having the speed selector which is what they are talking about here

That said, I have given up trying to keep my drill and driver in a single unit.

1: It’s easier to have two units so you don’t have to keep switching bits again and again and again
2: Corded are much better units overall for drilling because cordless torque really starts to fall off shortly after full charge. It will keep turning but you only get full torque for a very short period of time. Also even at a full charge on one of the higher end B&D units, when you’re counterboring or countersinking screw holes into wood, you realllly need that extra torque or it will take you a full minute per hole. And you have to push really hard to get it to dig in nicely which over time bends your bits. Corded solves this nicely and the holes are drilled with zero effort
3: It’s cheaper in the long run since you don’t really need VSR for your drill, just the driver, so you can get a cheap/low-torque driver, and a cheap high-torque drill

Lowe’s has a Hitach DV10H corded drill with hard case for $40. It’s a beast of a little unit with enough torque to drill through metal with ease. Keyless chuck. I picked one of those up when I got fed up with trying to drill with my cordless B&D drills. Now I have the two B&D cordless for driving or very very light duty drilling, and the corded for any other drilling. What’s more, it’s variable speed! It’s too fast for your average driving uses (unless you’re careful with it) but the speed select has come in handy quite a few times

Not worth it!. The bits in that kit will not last. Probably will break after one use. When it comes to tools dont waste you money on things that will just fail in the beginning.