Black & Decker 20V String Trimmer/Sweeper Combo

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Black & Decker 20V String Trimmer/Sweeper Combo
Price: $84.99
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Condition: New


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I have this set and it is very good. The blower isn’t super powerful, but it is good enough. The battery lasts a long time. Very pleased.

Bought the older model a couple of years ago. I just have a starter house, so only need to run for 10 minutes or so.

Quite satisfying watching your neighbor attempt to start his 2-cycle trimmer, and you pull this guy out and are done in 5 minutes.

I purchased this same set from Amazon a few weeks ago for about $123. I’m very happy with it so far.

I also bought a hedge trimmer that uses the same battery pack.

These are a lot quieter than motorized tools.

Product Page for the Trimmer
Product Page for the Sweeper

I’ve been generally pleased with my previous-generation 18V B&D cordless tools. Wish they designed the newer Li-ion batteries to work in the old tools (ala Ryobi)

Thanks for your comment; you answered my question before I asked. I’ve got a mess of tools/yard tools that use the 18V B&D batteries and was hoping the LI would work with those too. I’ve been happy with them, but after years of use, the batteries are starting to not hold much of a charge even though the trimmer, blower, hedge clipper, drill, etc … are still in good shape.

I have this trimmer, as well as the LST220 and the blower. The ergonomics of this trimmer are terrible, and the wheel on it, way less functional than the edging guard on the lst220. I only got the 400 because I wanted the bigger battery, and it was only $15 more than the battery alone. I will stick with using the lst220 though. Also the charger on this different than that which came with my earlier 20v lith tools, this one can’t be mounted and will not hold a battery, it’s just a plug you connect to the battery contacts.